Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's fishing time!

Well, hubby got me a pole, a pink fishing vest, and a license so I think that means he wants to go fishing together, A LOT!! We have already gone twice together since trout season opened up. It's been cold, real cold, both times and the river is just crashing through there. Kinda scary! Plus, lots of snow on the ground still. We have fun fishing together though. It's quite relaxing actually :) I hope my sons someday think i'm cool because "Mommy likes to fish!" Who knows!!!

Tis' the season!!!

Family is so wonderful and you realize just how wonderful they are when you get to spend the holidays with them! We are so blessed! We both couldn't have been born into better families!
Thanksgiving was spent some at Stephen's parents and some at my Grandma and Grandpa Porter's house! You always gain at least 5 lbs at each place! :/ Christmas was spent at Grandma and Grandpa Howard's home as well as a Porter home, Jaymi & Shawn's! Those are always very entertaining. Gag gifts, American Idol, boy oh boy! We were excited to be in our own house and put up a tree this year! It was fun to decorate for Christmas! :) We didn't get to put up outside lights, hopefully next year! We did get to go to Christmas Tree Lane though, twice!! Once with Jaymi, Shawn & Waylon and another time with wonderful family & church family.

Cruisin' to Mexico :)

We went on a 7 day cruise to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, & Cabo for our honeymoon and boy did we have fun!!! Our honeymoon was perfect! Our first stop which was Puerto Vallarta, we rented a golf cart and drove it all around town! You can drive them on the streets in Mexico! :) We enjoyed seeing the beautiful scenary and going into the small shops. Next, was Mazatlan and that place is beautiful! We rented a quad and drove that all around the town. We could also drive that on the road. We were crazy, right? We went through bad parts of town, good parts, industrial parts, housing parts, everywhere pretty much. Last, CABO! Which was our favorite! We rode jetskiis in the ocean, which I thought i'd never do cuz I am beyond scared of sharks, so I was telling him the whole time, "YOU BETTER NOT THROW ME OFF STEPHEN ROY OR ELSE". but he didn't, we had a lot of fun except for all the salt water splashing up into our face burned a little bit. I also got a fake tattoo there :)

Our last cruise we went on was also Mexico. We took it in November as an early Christmas present to eachother. It was just 4 days but again, we had a blast. We went to Ensinada and Catalina Island. Ensinada was nothing really special. Lots of poverty. But Stephen insisted we get a taxi, of a man who couldn't speak a lick of English, have him drive us to a "private" deep sea fisherman and us go fishing. I was so scared. But I trusted Stephen, like a good wife would. We ended up being on a boat in the middle of the ocean with a guy we never met and us. I got really seasick by the way which never happens to me, I think I was just nervous. I also go hypmotized and it really works. I always thought people who do that are just really good actors but no joke, it's like your there but your not. haha. I don't remember much from that experience.

Our Trying to Conceive Journey

Stephen and I LOVE children. We always envisioned getting married and starting our beautiful family right away. But ultimately, our plan wasn't God's plan. It's been a huge faith tester for both of us. When you want something so bad, you will do anything to get it. We are truly relying on God and our wonderful family & friends right now. We got pregnant twice but unfortunately, they both ended in miscarriages. Our babies our in the loving hands of our Savior, Jesus and we have hope that we will seen them someday. As of now, we are living our life, praying for a child in God's perfect timing. Pray for us please. We appreciate it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Children....for now :)

In our 1 and a half years of wedded bliss, we have gotten 3 dogs! First, a month after we got married, we bought Harley, our mini weiner dog. I picked her up in Chowchilla, what a drive! I picked the name Harley because I liked it for a daughter's name but Stephen said "NO WAY!" so I used it for a dog :)

Next, both of my in-law's yellow labs got pregnant a week apart. They had 22 puppies! WOW!!! I instantly fell inlove with 2 of Izzy's pups so we took them both!! What a job they are!! And an expense!! We named them Charlie(boy) and Lily :) Somehow they turned out black, beats me. The dad was brown and mom was yellow! Interesting.

Home Sweet Home

The first year of marriage was spent in 2 different homes. When we first got married, we rented a townhouse in Modesto, 2 bedrooms & 2 baths. It was perfect but we decided we wanted to buy a home and that meant it was time to start house hunting. We began escrow for a home in Denair in November and decided to move in with Stephen's parents until that closed, so at least we can save a couple months rent :) Well, the house ended up not going through. We ended up putting in over 17 offers on homes and not getting ONE! I guess it wasn't God's plan for us to buy a home right now. In September 2009, we began renting a small, cozy little 2 bedroom & 1 bath home in the little town of Denair. We love it here! It's tiny but it's perfect!

Our Wedding Day

August 8th 2008 was the day I married the man of my dreams. We met when I was 11 and Stephen was 16, and he was definitely not interested in me. My sister Katie married his cousin Mark, small world :) Stephen and I reunited after I graduated from highschool and after he moved home from Palmdale. My sister Katie and his sister Stephenie were the matchmakers but ultimately, God was the matchmaker :) We met on November 14th 2007, started "dating" on November 26th, got engaged February 14th 2008, and married August 8th 2008!