Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beach Trip

My in-laws and us went to Manresa Beach in Watsonville on Saturday the 3rd! It was so much fun! And such a beautiful day! Had to bundle up in my sweatshirt a lot but the sun finally came out around 2pm and the men hit the water in their wetsuits! I got to see so many dolphins close to shore by the surfers just jumping around! I have never saw a dolphin in the ocean before! I thought it was a shark cuz at first all I saw were their fins and I was like oh no, surfers are right by them!!!! But then my mother in-law informed me, it was a dolphin! It was so cool :) We caught some sand crabs, they don't bite by the way, just tickle your hand! Played frisbee, but lost it in the ocean eventually lol. It was a lot of fun!! Great 4th of July weekend!!!

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