Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Camping in Dardenelles

After our back to back services on Sunday, my in-laws and the honey and I set off for our camping trip adventure! We bought a tent trailor that needed some work! It's a 1973 but you know what, it works for us and was very comfy to sleep in and better than the floor! We really enjoyed ourselves! We got there on Sunday around 5pm and set up camp, then the men wanted to go fishing so they made Karen & I walk down this really steep rocky cliff lol and we almost fell so many times but we made it! We had trout for dinner :) Then took a little walk and came back and roasted marshmellows! We hung out by the fire a while until I got scared that a bear was going to come up to our camp cuz we were in the same spot Stephen and the guys came up for his bachelor party and there was literally no one around us! We had it all to ourselves. We went to bed and next morning around 6am, the guys went fishing for a few hours and us girls slept :) Then we took a drive to the Sonora pass! Wow, it's high!! 9,654 elevation!!! I got a little car sick but ended up being fine thanks to an afternoon "nap" in the trailor! The boys left us again for their love affair with fishing and came back with lunch! So again, we ate trout! Then Stephen and I were dying to take a shower or I was, so we paid the $4 to shower and after that, the in-laws had to go home cuz of work on Tuesday! But Stephen and I got to stay! We had a great time together, played cards and took a long walk for firewood and of course, fished some more! I hadn't camped since 3rd grade so I wasn't really looking forward to the "great outdoors" but I really enjoyed myself and can't wait to go back!

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