Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our 1st Ultrasound

This was the absolute sweetest picture I have EVER seen in my whole life! I can't believe how much I already LOVE this little sweet pea growing in my belly! God's creation is ABSOLUTELY amazing! I got in there and we invited my mom and mother in-law and they weren't there yet so they took me and Stephen back and she lubed up the ultrasound thing and stuck it on the belly and immediately, found our little miracle. We were holding hands and she said "Well, everything looks great, you have a LIVE baby in there"!!! I got teared up and saw her/his little heart flickering on the screen. What a relief! We have been praying for this for so long! It made the morning sickness so worth it!! :) Thank you Jesus for this wonderful blessing!!! I am so in love!!! Due March 18th 2010!!!!! Puts me at 6 weeks 4 days!! Oh happy day!!!

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