Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Answer to Prayer

Baby baby baby!! Yes, that's right!! Our little baby that we have waited almost 2 years for is finally growing in my belly! I am 5 weeks 2 days pregnant and I think every Friday starts a new week! We are so thrilled! I am farther than i've ever been ! And definitely have a different feeling about this sweet baby! We found out almost 4 days before "Aunt Flo" was due to arrive so I was really surprised but I just had that feeling so I couldn't resist peeing on a stick :) And sure enough, positive!! Took about 7 different tests...crazy...I know!! But I couldn't believe it!! I have been feeling really good, excited but the tiredness is starting to kick into high gear as well as some nausea mostly in the evenings but I am so thankful everytime I get it because it is SO WORTH IT!! I am beyond thankful and so excited to have a precious bundle of love and joy to join our family of two! Daddy and mommy are praying for you sweet baby.....

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