Tuesday, August 17, 2010

9 Weeks

Week 9 started by feeling really good...more so this week I have been feeling crummy in the evenings. I am trying to not even take my nausea pill anymore cuz it doesn't seem to help at that time anyways! Cross my fingers it's almost the end of the sickness!! I have been beyond sleepy this week. We have been in bed by 9:15 every night! WOW!! Not to mention we lay on the couch from after dinner till bedtime so we are practically sleeping then too haha. Saturday we went to Tulare because Stephen was asked to preach at their youth rally! We got to see Corey & Alyssa and some others we haven't seen in a while. That was a lot of fun! Went over to the Brassfield's afterwards and Stephen and I won in the water balloon toss!! GO US :) Sunday was fun as well, got to go to Citrus Heights and see my dear friend Ashlie! Monday, the sister's(Katie, Megan, Teah, Bryana & I) and all the kiddos for our first week of bible study! It was a great time. Katie made us lasagna and we got to chit chat while the kiddos played..and I got to cuddle with my new nephew Weston!

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