Friday, September 24, 2010

15 weeks!

Stephen's 26th Birthday was on Wednesday and his wonderful boss, my brother in-law, gave him half the day off. So of course, hubby wanted to go to his favorite place in the world, Dardenelle's to go fishing! We got up there about 2:30 and wore a sweatshirt the whole time! The weather was beautiful! He caught 11 fish!! And I caught 2...go us!! I didn't eat for about 5 hours and ended up getting sick at some restaurant in Sonora...first time I ever threw up away from home! Yuck!

But as long as I am eating every 2 hours, I am feeling great!!

I am feeling more and more flutters in my tummy!

Only 1 more week now till we find out the sex of our beautiful baby!!!
I am beginning to think it's a boy because I am always saying "him" or "he" and looking at baby boy clothes..hmmmm.... We will see!!!

We get to keep my sweet nephew Wyatt tomorrow evening..what fun that will be!!!

-Lemon water
-Nachos from Taco Bell(still!!)
-Dr. Pepper..mmm!!

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