Saturday, September 11, 2010

2nd Trimester Begins....

Woo hoo!!! I can finally take a deep breath!! Even though, I know I won't fully relax until baby is in my arms all safe & sound but it's definitely wonderful to make it to the 2nd trimester! Thank you Jesus! Yesterday, we got to hear baby's heartbeat and boy oh boy was that a BEAUTIFUL sound. I just loved looking at Stephen and seeing him smile from ear to ear. This was such a wonderful and beautiful thing :) Baby's heart was beating so fast! After throwing up 6 times before NOON yesterday, it was definitely ALL mommy wanted to hear! I am not complaining, I feel blessed to have this miracle growing inside of me! God is so GOOD!

I haven't gained any weight yet! Actually lost a couple pounds which is totally fine cuz I needed to ;)

October 1st can't come fast enough! We have no clue whether it's PORTER STEPHEN or TINLEY ANNE cuz we have heard both, "Oh that's a girl's heartbeat" and "Wow, sounds like a boy to me"! We will see! I just can't wait to find out! It will be such a happy day!!!!! :)

Morning sickness or should I say all day sickness hasn't left me yet and I still haven't gotten my energy back yet but that's okay, I JUST started the 2nd trimester so hopefully in a few weeks to come, I will be feeling GREAT!


*Taco Bell nachos, almost everyday..yikes!!
*DILL pickles..guess the pickles craving is true!
*Crushed ice :)

I have felt some little bubbles in my tummy but who knows if it's the baby or just my tummy! But I'd like to think it's precious baby!

Much Love :)

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