Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall...get here fast :)

Decorating my house for beautiful fall :) I love this time of year and looking so much forward to it!! I think my pregnancy will start FLYING by because of the holidays! yay!!! I am burning up today so the fall weather will be so nice!!

I think sometimes I am feeling completely better but then, I jinx myself and throw up so I'm just going to say, I am thankful for the feel good times and the nauseaus times because it makes me realize baby is healthy and doing good! :) She/he is so worth it!! I know I still have 6 more months but I am sooooo excited and so ready to meet you!!! Stephen and I were talking last night that after October 1st(when we find out the sex), the decorating the room, the registering for baby shower, the deeeeeep cleaning and organizing will begin and I am so looking forward to it!!! This week, I have been really craving milk...but when I drink it, I feel pretty nasty. I also have been craving anything cheesy, I guess that's good since I don't get my calcium from the milk! And also, APPLES!! yummmmmy!! We just found out a few days ago that my brother Michael and sister in-law Bryana are having ANOTHER girl!! Yippee!!! The girls may be catching up in our family!! That makes 2 girls and 5 boys for my parents! mmmm....I wonder what catagory our sweet pea will fall- adding more to dad's basketball team or growing the CHEERLEADING squad!! ALSO, me & Stephen's friends, Corey & Alyssa are expecting a baby girl as well, in January!! Yes!!! Sadie Grace :) Makes me even more anxious to find out!! Also, my beautiful friend Ashlie's due date for little Jackson "Jax" was yesterday...Pray he comes soon and safe :) Also, got to keep my sweet niece Payslie last night, she is such a joy! I just love her to death!!!

Toodles...decorating time!!!

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