Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting closer!

I am getting very anxious and I know I still have around 10 weeks, give or take! We are really trying to get her room done but it's moving very slowly! I am also getting very excited for my baby shower next month!! My wonderful sisters are throwing it for me!!!

*We are almost done with our Bradley classes! I am sad though, I have really enjoyed it and made friends with the wonderful couple in class with us!
*Real bummed, I have some stretch marks...and I have caked my belly with lotion the whole time :(
*I got my glucose test last week, finally, 6 weeks later, lol and the results were negative :)
*I have to get a Rhogam shot this week because I am AB- and woman with negative blood types need it for future pregnancies or else my body would attack my next baby :( Scary!
*My platelets were low in the beginning of pregnancy and are still looking the same. But I am thankful they haven't gone lower! Platelets have to do with your blood clotting, since mine are low, my blood might not clot that well.
*We start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now! So I go next week again!
*Midwife is going to start watching me closely because a lot of times you take after your sister's pregnancies, and my beautiful sister was always early!
*Maternity pictures are getting done this month! Can't wait :) We are looking for a fun location to do them!
*Been feeling lots of Braxton Hicks...very weird feeling!
*My pelvic pain is very uncomfortable but I am hoping it will just make delivery easier...I can dream, can't I? :/

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