Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doctor's Appointment

I am currently, 35 weeks 5 days :) I had blood work on Monday for my platelet count and they were 97. Still on the definite low side but doctor's think I will be fine for delivery without any uncontrollable bleeding! So yay!!! Still couldn't get an epidural even if I wanted but Hey, that's why I spent 15+ weeks taking Bradley classes right! I could get IV drugs if need be but I will do my best! And if I have to have a c-section, I will be completely knocked out. Something to do with the epidural or spinal that can cause bleeding in spine and they don't give you them unless you levels are above 100. But my blood pressure has been decent. But been having a lot of upper gastric pain and headaches. I am 1 cm dialated at 75% effaced so midwife is very happy with that! She says Tynlee knows she needs to come out soon! I am getting nervous but oh so excited! I can't wait to FINALLY have my baby girl in my arms, safe and sound. and feel normal again :) I go back Friday, get my strep b results and talk more about possible induction. I'll post picture soon! It's been a while!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eventful Week!!!

Last Sunday night, I went to hospital because I was seeing spots, dizzy, and had chest pains and my blood pressure was extremely high! They sent me home after a few hours of observation then went back to doctor on Monday with the same symptoms. She put me on bed rest and telling me to continue to take my blood pressure twice a day and bring results in on Friday. Friday came and I headed back up to doctor's office, gave them my results, and they took my blood pressure. Again, high. The doctor on call sent me back over to labor and delivery for me to be monitored again with more blood work, etc. I was there for about 4 hours when I found out my platelet count was low. Platelets have to do with your blood being able to clot. The normal range is 140-420. Mine were 91. When I was 5 weeks pregnant and got blood work they were 138 then at 29 weeks got checked again, they were 136 then this time, they made a huge drop. They told me I couldn't go home, they wanted to monitor me and do blood work again 2 more times. I was crushed of course. My shower was Saturday and I would either be going straight from hospital to shower or not allowed to go at all. So many scary things ran through my head cuz I was looking forward to this shower for so long and no how much hard work everyone put into making it so beautiful and special. My wonderful cousin Jaymi was there with me when they told me the news cuz hubby was still on jury duty. That night, Stephen, my mom, and cousin Tara came and brought me Yogurt Mill. That sure did put a smile on my face. My sweet husband stayed with me all night! I slept about 1 1/2 hours. It was miserable. I was nervous, anxious, didn't know what to think. They came back in around 5am to draw my blood again. This time, it dropped to 84!!!!!! Dr. Clare came in around 7am that morning and said before I can leave, he wanted to check it again at 11. I begged him to check it at 10 so I could make it to shower! He said that was fine. I took a shower and got rushed down to get a quick ultrasound of Tynlee to check fluid, size, etc. just to be safe. She was looking very good! Monitored all night and her heart rate was beautiful. I was so glad she wasn't in harms way! With lots of prayers, my platelets went back up to 94 so they allowed me to go home, well to my shower!!! I was told I had to be on STRICT bed rest for 2 weeks. They made me go back in on Monday to get blood pressure checked and he gave me a lab slip to check platelets again next Monday. Praying for good results! The Lord is in control. Just memorizing Phil 4:6-7 these days :) My shower turned out BEAUTIFUL! My mom and sisters did an amazing job! Thanks also to Ashlie who photographed and Anna who made the beautiful cupcakes! And of course, everyone else who waited around for me to get there so patiently! I couldn't thank you enough! It's such a blessing to know all these wonderful ladies!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bed Rest

Yup, I got put on bed rest because of my high blood pressure. Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. It's always been high since around 15-20 weeks or so but I started having weird symptons of blurred vision, seeing stars/spots, and dizzy, with chest pain. So we spent Sunday evening in the L&D being monitored for a couple hours. Baby sounded good so I've very thankful for that! I go back to doctor on Friday to get checked again and then on February 10th, if I'm still having symptoms and the high blood pressure, we will talk about inducing Tynlee a little early. Pray her lungs develop and she gains lots of weight within the next couple weeks!!