Thursday, March 31, 2011

In this life...

There are lots of things I want to do in my life. Lots of goals and dreams I endeavor to accomplish. Places I'd love to see and things I'd die to do. Here are a few!

1.) Go on a Disney Cruise
2.) Visit Europe
3.) Become a "Beth Moore" speaker
4.) Lead someone or lots to Christ
5.) Become a Pastor's wife
6.) Go to Israel
7.) Become a Labor & Delivery nurse
8.) Buy a cabin in the mountains
9.) Drive across country
10.) Move to Oklahoma
11.) Have 4 or 5 children
12.) Fish in Alaska
13.) Swim with dolphins
14.) Go to Yellowstone National Forrest
15.) Spend 2 weeks at Disneyworld
16.) Write a book
17.) Be 140 pounds again...
18.) Volunteer at the pregnancy clinic
19.) ADOPT a child
20.) Win big in a casino
21.) Go to Michigan with my husband to watch FOOTBALL :)
22.) Meet a celebrity
23.) Go to a George Strait concert
24.) Drive a lifted truck
25.) Climb Half Dome
26.) Snowboard....never have! I know, crazy!
27.) Go to Aspen
28.) Vacation in Canada
29.) Meet the Duggar Family :)
30.) Own a horse...again

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