Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our 1st Month with Tynlee

Tynlee Anne has been the biggest blessing to us!!! I have never ever woken up more happy! Even at 3 in the morning, she makes me smile. Let's back track a little...

*The first few days with Tynlee were spent at Stanford, Lucille Packard Children's Hospital on the 2nd floor in the NiCu department
*It was where I knew she needed to be for the time being but we could not WAIT to get home and be a FAMILY of 3 safe and sound
*The first 3-4 nights at home were rough in the sense of her jaundice. It was terribly hard to wake her up to feed. And I was SUPER nervous cuz I knew she obviously needed to eat to get rid of the jaundice so she could poo it out!
*She wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night if I didn't wake her so every 1.5-2 hours, i'd try to wake her to eat and that took about an hour so I pretty much got no sleep, but I'm not complaining! It paid off!!
*Her first doctor's appt was with Dr. Hunt the morning after we brought her home from hospital. They wanted to check her jaundice and weight. Her jaundice wasn't getting worse and her weight was 5 lbs 3 oz which was only 2 oz lost since birth!! And she didn't even eat for 3 days at hospital, just IV electrolytes! AMAZING!!
*We had to go to Babies R Us afterwards and get her some Preemie clothes that fit!
*She went to her first church service, February 27th :)
*Aunt Jac, Jacob & Garrett decided to take a visit up here to see Tynlee. That was veryyyy special :)
*After about 2 weeks, Tynlee was really starting to get the hang of nursing. She still only does usually one side at a time but it's around 15-20 minutes
*She sure does fill up a lot of diapers during the day, which is a GOOD thing!!
*She LOVES bathtime!! She just grunts and coo's the whole time! except when I clean her neck, she doesn't like it! :/
*She smiles so much when she sleeps, it's precious!
*She sleeps in a bassinet in our bedroom at night and does very well! She usually eats @ 12:30am, 3:30am, & 7:30am. So she does good at night I think!!
*She LOVES her swing!!!
*Tynlee almost always has her hands by her face! She loves them!!!!
*We had one semi-tough night with gas and tummy aches because of something mommy ate. I felt so bad!
*She went to her first church work day and "helped" mommy clean the nursery :)
*We had a follow up appt at Stanford with Dr. Koltai which went GREAT!
*She went to her first basketball game of Papa's but they lost :( bummer!
*I've taken her to Target, Tracy Outlets, Chili's & Babies R Us
*Her favorite place to sleep is on daddy's chest
*She is starting to stay awake more during the day so we get some playtime in ;)
*She falls asleep everytime I put her in the car. So glad she likes the car!
*She has her newborn pictures done by Kyley Gray! Beyond adorable! Kyley did a WONDERFUL job!!
*Her first play date was with her bestie Brooklynne on a Sunday night :)

I LOVE HER TO PIECES!! How did I get so blessed!!??

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