Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Month Pictures

A wonderful childhood friend of mine from Hughson is going to be taking Tynlee's month to month professional pictures. She did such a GREAT job! I loved them! They turned out great, considering, Mommy dropped her cell phone on Tynlee's head getting her out of the car and she screamed like I'd never seen before! I felt soooooooooooo bad. I shed a few tears and comforted her and she was back to normal with a tiny bruise. :( sooo sad!! But all in all, it was a good day and I am VERY happy with the pictures!! Hope you are too!! Especially her cute buns!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Giggles for Grandma!!

Pictures Aunt Steph took :)

ABC's of Motherhood

Always provide LOVE for her family
Believes God will always guide, provide and answer all prayers
Choose and make wise decisions when it comes to her family
Devoted to her husband, her kids and to her faith
Excellent mother killer instincts
Faith in her Daddy God
Gives before receiving
Helps her children become good role models
Instill good values in her kids
Joy her children bring to her life everyday
Knows she’s loved by God and her family
Loves her husband and kids unconditionally
Makes sure she’s always true to herself
Nurture her family with loving words and actions
Overcome obstacles without bitterness and complaints
Promise to trust and let God guide her in troubled times
Quietly walks away from gossip and negativity
Raise her glass to celebrate her children’s accomplishments
Speak openly to her children about life’s temptations
Teach her children about Jesus and how to walk with the Lord
Understands and put herself in her child’s shoes
Values her and her family’s health and welfare
Works hard daily being a mom, chauffeur, doctor, chef, coach, teacher etc.
Xpect nothing but the best for her family
You always want to see your children succeed in life
Zero in on the importance of having a work/life balance

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tynlee's 1st Easter

Tynlee's 1st Easter was a REAL hit!! :) She looked adorable in her "Easter egg" colorful dress! We of course, spent our morning in wonderful church witnessing our nephew Logan getting baptized. Logan was saved about a month ago and we couldn't be happier! Lots of my family was able to come and it is so nice having them in church with us! I wish we all went to the same church again, like old times. After church, we went to my inlaws house and had a YUMMY ham lunch & strawberry shortcake dessert! My mother in law is QUITE the cook!! seriously! delicious!! Dwight & Malissa's little ones hunted eggs after and sweet Malissa even got Tynlee a little Easter basket and put an egg in it :) We wish that all our "HOWARD" nieces and nephews were able to be there yesterday! We truly missed them all!!! After that, we went to my brother Jeff's house for "Porter" Easter! We had a HUGE Easter egg hunt! With different age groups going at each time! We then got to pick 3 prizes each!! :) It was sooo much fun! Then we ate Italian food and yummmmmmy dessert! I love Love LOVE holidays because it means wonderful family time! I truly am blessed with GREAT family and I married into a GREAT family as well! I couldn't have done better ;) Next year, Tynlee will be running around hunting fun that will be!!!

9 weeks old

Saturday, Tynlee turned 9 weeks old! She is really getting a FUN personality!! She is "talking" back to me & smiling ALL the time! She is holding her head up good and just getting way too big WAY too fast!! Slow down time!! :) Savoring every moment.....

-The fan, whether it's moving or NOT
-Being put down to go to sleep
-Laying on your chest
-When I sing to her ;) at least somebody does! haha.
-Going outside
-Her "Lovey" blanket (it's a pink giraffe)
-Being swaddled to sleep

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daily Devotional

I came across this verse this morning and it really got me thinking....

Come close to God and He will come close to you. Recognize that you are sinners, get your soiled hands clean; realize that you have been disloyal; wavering individuals with divided interests, and purify your hearts of your spiritual adultery. - James 4:8

Our number one priority, should be drawing closer to Christ. Being a mom and a wife, I get so wrapped up in life and my family that it seems like lately the only alone time I spend with Christ is bedtime prayers. I hate that. I am challenging myself to look into God's word everyday. Spend at least 10 minutes with Him and only Him. All this wonderful stuff I LOVE is GREAT things, don't get me wrong but I need to realize I wouldn't have these things if it wasn't for my Savior. I pray everyday the Lord helps me LOVE HIM more than I love my blessings. We always need to be humble when we approach God's throne. We are sinners, even though we are saved. We all mess up. We all make mistakes. But we need to ask for forgiveness each and everyday. We should always keep our hearts and our minds pure on things above. That should be our number ONE. 

Two Months Old

Each day I pray for Tynlee. I pray for her health, I pray for her protection, I pray for future husband(believe it or not), but most importantly, I pray that the Lord will touch her heart at a young age and she will accept His free gift. Being a parent, I have an overwhelming desire for my daughter to fall in love with Christ. I want her to be the "Virtuous Woman" mentioned in Proverbs 31. I know she is bound to do something GREAT. She's simply perfect in every way. I thank God for my sweet daughter, every single day......

Tynlee's Newborn Pictures

We are finally posting Tynlee's newborn pictures since most announcement are already out :)

Hope you enjoy....Pictures done by Kyley Gray(btw, she's GREAT!!)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Blow Out..TIMES 10!!

These pictures were right before the BIG explosion! :) Isn't she a cutie!?!?!?

Sweet little miss has been "clogged up", if you know what I mean, for almost 3 days! I was getting worried about her, cuz she just hasn't been herself. I think a lot of it also had to do with just being overly stimulated and tired from this BUSY, hectic, GLORIOUS, lots of people, FUN weekend! I had been massaging her, doing bicycles with her legs, rubbing her tummy, giving her warm baths, etc. and nothing happened except some tooting. But to my surprise, I was unloading the dishwasher this morning, and Tynlee was swinging peacfully in her swing, smiley at her mobile, when "Ba-Boooooooooooooom". It sounded like 3 huge fat men tooted on metal chairs! I pick her up and it's EVERYWHERE. On her swing, her clothes, her back, even the back of her neck! Boy, was it a mess! But I was soooo happy she finally pooped cuz I was getting worried and was ready for her to be happy again!

Tynlee Meets Sadie

We had the WONDERFUL pleasure of hosting the Keirns family this weekend for our church meeting! It was great having them in our home! They welcomed their ADORABLE baby girl, Sadie Grace, on January 31st so she's just about 2 weeks older than Tynlee! It was fun to watch the girls "interact" with oneanother. We tried to have photo shoots of them several times but when was was happy, the other cried and when one was sleeping, the other was awake. So we did our best and got some shots! :) We were in Corey & Alyssa's wedding last May and to their surprise they got pregnant right away! Yay!!! It was fun to experience pregnancy with Alyssa even though we are miles apart, they live in Rialto(southern california), we still got to talk all the time but we do wish they lived closer! Tynlee & Sadie both get the pleasure of being PREACHER'S DAUGHTERS so it's nice to know they  can "confide" in eachother someday if need be! Corey and Alyssa are great parents! It's was nice to see them with Sadie, so cute! :D We get to see them in a few weeks again so we are definitely looking forward to it!!

Cash Stephen Howard :)

So, as you know, our adorable beagle Dexter passed away on Valentine's Day, the week I delivered Tynlee. We didn't know what was wrong with him. Vet could never figure it out. We invested so much money into him and only got to spend 4 months with sweet Dex. We loved him and were really looking forward to him being "Tynlee's doggy".  But sadly, we had to say goodbye to that little guy too soon. So since Tynlee has been home, Stephen has been looking online EVERY SINGLE DAY, countless times during the day, for a new beagle pup. A pure bread that seems HEALTHY!! He was patient and found this adorable guy, Snickers. Well we didn't like the name so we changed it to Cash :) Stephen begged me to get him and since he wasn't a puppy, being 1 1/2 years old and very well trained, I said "FINE!!!". I'm happy he got him though. He's a sweety and very loving to Tynlee and everyone else. Charlie & Lily, our labs, are adjusting to him very well and love to play with him. He's a GREAT addition to our family. Sometime I accidentally call him Dex, and that makes me sad. But I know he will fill the "Dex" void real soon :)

8 weeks old!!

Tynlee Anne turned 8 weeks old on Saturday! I was able to sneak in a photo shoot after our busy day at our church association meeting! I can't believe how much she changes each and everyday! She becomes more and more alert, stays awake more, and "talks" more and more! She is so much fun! Her hands are always expressing how she feels, they are always moving, up by her face or grabbing onto something! Her smiles are becoming more and more and she stick her little tongue out when she smiles! I LOVE IT of course!!!!! She's beautiful...period :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I just can't resist snapping shots left and right of this sweet baby girl!! She is just the MOST beautiful thing, EVER :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Association Meeting This Week....

Busy week!! But I just HAD to blog and tell you ALL about it!! This Thursday, Friday and Saturday is our State Association Meeting and our church is hosting it! We have done lots to prepare and I am very excited about it! So excited to see church family I haven't seen in awhile! I am in charge of decorations so tonight, my wonderful husband is going to watch Tynlee for a few hours while I go out and SHOP SHOP SHOP :) We get the pleasure of having the Corey Keirns family stay with us! We are thrilled to meet baby Sadie!! Tynlee and her are about 2 1/2 weeks apart! They are sure to be friends! I hope and pray this week goes smoothly and I get everything accomplished that needs to be done! :) fingers crossed.....

Saturday, April 9, 2011

7 weeks old :)

Tynlee Anne is 7 weeks old today! She is growing up so fast! She is starting to smile and "talk" to you when she's awake. She sleeps about 5 hours at night in between feedings! She has gained 4 pounds since birth!!!! So as you can tell, she LOVES to eat! We are really working on "Baby Wise", getting FULL feedings every 3 hours. It's starting to work really well so I know she'll start sleeping through the night soon, I pray :) But really, the 5 hour stretch is GREAT I think!!! Her favorite thing is BATH TIME! We have been showering together and she just "coos" and smiles the WHOLE time!! It's such a special time! She also really enjoys tummy time, lifting her head off the ground, and sucking on the blanket ;) This is such a FUN stage!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday thoughts....

Lucky isn't the word. Blessed is what I am.
I have a WONDERFUL life to say the least.
A Godly husband who is my best friend and I know loves me to death.
A BEAUTIFUL beyond beautiful daughter who I can't get enough of.
A place we call home in a small town.
Loving parents who will do anything for us.
Siblings who we have so much fun with.
Friends we couldn't do without.
A church that continually strengthens our faith.

And a God who's given us it all. He never seizes to amaze me. He is good, all the time! When I pray about things, I know He will answer them even if it isn't always the "answer" I want. He ALWAYS answers. I know He knows what's best for us. He is writing our story. I look back now and thank him continually for everything happening in his PERFECT time. As you know, we lost a couple babies on our journey to conceive. Of course, we were heartbroken, questioning God, everyone around me was pregnant, why can't we? All we've both ever wanted were children to raise in the Lord. My wonderful sister in law Stephenie told me about a sermon she heard about "Praising Christ for intervening cause He knows what's best". That always ALWAYS was in my mind. Everytime I thought about my miscarriages, that popped into my head and I would fall to my knees and pray for God thanking Him for working in my life. I learned to look at the tough times as "building" times, shaping me, molding me, into the woman He knew I'd become. I began to look at those trials as Him picking me, because He knew I was strong enough to overcome them. I learned to find the good in those situations. But the moment I stopped questioning and let God do His work, I got pregnant with Tynlee. It was a scary pregnancy. But I knew God would deliver us. It was a rough road, the nausea, the preeclampsia, but I remember telling God, "I'll go through ANYTHING to get this baby". I look at the miscarriages and I know they made me stronger! He was TRULY preparing me for Tynlee's birth. WHen Tynlee got taken away from me to go to Stanford for surgery, I felt like she is was in the PERFECT hands! God's!!! I loved Tynlee to death, but Christ loves Tynlee more. It's so hard to think about that but it's TRUE! I knew Stephen & I could get through it. We had come SO far and gone through so much together. We would get the victory and give Christ ALL the Glory! Cause he deserved it!!! My faith in Him has grown and I know it's because of all we've gone through as a family. Praise God for his intervention. I never would have had my BEAUTIFUL Tynlee. I couldn't ask for a better baby! Christ was preparing me for her. I have only appreciated and savored her more because of the tribulations we've gone through to have her.

If I would have had our other babies, I probably never would have met my wonderful new friend, Anna. I have always wanted a True Best Friend, someone who shared in the same values as me. Same stage in life as me. Someone I could talk to about anything and wouldn't judge me. Someone who I could have fun with and my husband got along with her husband. Praise God for Anna and Matt & of course, Brooklynne! I am so thankful for our friendship. It's wonderful to have a girl I share in the same faith with. A friend who I can talk to about God and share in our faith with eachother.

I just look at my daughter and continually thank God for her! I pray for her salvation already. I pray she finds the Lord at a young age. I pray she lives her life for Christ, all the days of her life.

I love my life. I can't wait to see what else the Lord has in store for our family of three. I wouldn't change my life for the world.

It's beautiful and it's all because of Christ.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

6 weeks old

Dad's 57th Birthday!!!

Today we had a BBQ as a family to celebrate my WONDERFUL Dad's birthday! Praise God for another year with my great father! My dad is such a loyal, faithful, loving husband, father, and grandfather! I couldn't ask for a better dad! We also got to take some pictures of my parents 8 grandchildren! A lot easier than going to Picture People, too chaotic with this many little ones! lol!! I think you understand! But it was special to finally all have an updated picture of them all since my parents had 3 new grandchildren this year!! And still growing...yay!! :D

Dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Porters

My Grandma and Grandpa Porter had Me, Stephen, Tynlee, Michael, Bryana, Payslie, Felicity and my parents over for Fried Chicken last night!! Boy, was it FANTASTIC!!!! We love visiting with them! They are so special! They have been married for 60 years!! :) What GREAT examples they are to us!!