Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ABC's of Motherhood

Always provide LOVE for her family
Believes God will always guide, provide and answer all prayers
Choose and make wise decisions when it comes to her family
Devoted to her husband, her kids and to her faith
Excellent mother killer instincts
Faith in her Daddy God
Gives before receiving
Helps her children become good role models
Instill good values in her kids
Joy her children bring to her life everyday
Knows she’s loved by God and her family
Loves her husband and kids unconditionally
Makes sure she’s always true to herself
Nurture her family with loving words and actions
Overcome obstacles without bitterness and complaints
Promise to trust and let God guide her in troubled times
Quietly walks away from gossip and negativity
Raise her glass to celebrate her children’s accomplishments
Speak openly to her children about life’s temptations
Teach her children about Jesus and how to walk with the Lord
Understands and put herself in her child’s shoes
Values her and her family’s health and welfare
Works hard daily being a mom, chauffeur, doctor, chef, coach, teacher etc.
Xpect nothing but the best for her family
You always want to see your children succeed in life
Zero in on the importance of having a work/life balance

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