Monday, April 18, 2011

Blow Out..TIMES 10!!

These pictures were right before the BIG explosion! :) Isn't she a cutie!?!?!?

Sweet little miss has been "clogged up", if you know what I mean, for almost 3 days! I was getting worried about her, cuz she just hasn't been herself. I think a lot of it also had to do with just being overly stimulated and tired from this BUSY, hectic, GLORIOUS, lots of people, FUN weekend! I had been massaging her, doing bicycles with her legs, rubbing her tummy, giving her warm baths, etc. and nothing happened except some tooting. But to my surprise, I was unloading the dishwasher this morning, and Tynlee was swinging peacfully in her swing, smiley at her mobile, when "Ba-Boooooooooooooom". It sounded like 3 huge fat men tooted on metal chairs! I pick her up and it's EVERYWHERE. On her swing, her clothes, her back, even the back of her neck! Boy, was it a mess! But I was soooo happy she finally pooped cuz I was getting worried and was ready for her to be happy again!

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