Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday thoughts....

Lucky isn't the word. Blessed is what I am.
I have a WONDERFUL life to say the least.
A Godly husband who is my best friend and I know loves me to death.
A BEAUTIFUL beyond beautiful daughter who I can't get enough of.
A place we call home in a small town.
Loving parents who will do anything for us.
Siblings who we have so much fun with.
Friends we couldn't do without.
A church that continually strengthens our faith.

And a God who's given us it all. He never seizes to amaze me. He is good, all the time! When I pray about things, I know He will answer them even if it isn't always the "answer" I want. He ALWAYS answers. I know He knows what's best for us. He is writing our story. I look back now and thank him continually for everything happening in his PERFECT time. As you know, we lost a couple babies on our journey to conceive. Of course, we were heartbroken, questioning God, everyone around me was pregnant, why can't we? All we've both ever wanted were children to raise in the Lord. My wonderful sister in law Stephenie told me about a sermon she heard about "Praising Christ for intervening cause He knows what's best". That always ALWAYS was in my mind. Everytime I thought about my miscarriages, that popped into my head and I would fall to my knees and pray for God thanking Him for working in my life. I learned to look at the tough times as "building" times, shaping me, molding me, into the woman He knew I'd become. I began to look at those trials as Him picking me, because He knew I was strong enough to overcome them. I learned to find the good in those situations. But the moment I stopped questioning and let God do His work, I got pregnant with Tynlee. It was a scary pregnancy. But I knew God would deliver us. It was a rough road, the nausea, the preeclampsia, but I remember telling God, "I'll go through ANYTHING to get this baby". I look at the miscarriages and I know they made me stronger! He was TRULY preparing me for Tynlee's birth. WHen Tynlee got taken away from me to go to Stanford for surgery, I felt like she is was in the PERFECT hands! God's!!! I loved Tynlee to death, but Christ loves Tynlee more. It's so hard to think about that but it's TRUE! I knew Stephen & I could get through it. We had come SO far and gone through so much together. We would get the victory and give Christ ALL the Glory! Cause he deserved it!!! My faith in Him has grown and I know it's because of all we've gone through as a family. Praise God for his intervention. I never would have had my BEAUTIFUL Tynlee. I couldn't ask for a better baby! Christ was preparing me for her. I have only appreciated and savored her more because of the tribulations we've gone through to have her.

If I would have had our other babies, I probably never would have met my wonderful new friend, Anna. I have always wanted a True Best Friend, someone who shared in the same values as me. Same stage in life as me. Someone I could talk to about anything and wouldn't judge me. Someone who I could have fun with and my husband got along with her husband. Praise God for Anna and Matt & of course, Brooklynne! I am so thankful for our friendship. It's wonderful to have a girl I share in the same faith with. A friend who I can talk to about God and share in our faith with eachother.

I just look at my daughter and continually thank God for her! I pray for her salvation already. I pray she finds the Lord at a young age. I pray she lives her life for Christ, all the days of her life.

I love my life. I can't wait to see what else the Lord has in store for our family of three. I wouldn't change my life for the world.

It's beautiful and it's all because of Christ.

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