Monday, April 18, 2011

Tynlee Meets Sadie

We had the WONDERFUL pleasure of hosting the Keirns family this weekend for our church meeting! It was great having them in our home! They welcomed their ADORABLE baby girl, Sadie Grace, on January 31st so she's just about 2 weeks older than Tynlee! It was fun to watch the girls "interact" with oneanother. We tried to have photo shoots of them several times but when was was happy, the other cried and when one was sleeping, the other was awake. So we did our best and got some shots! :) We were in Corey & Alyssa's wedding last May and to their surprise they got pregnant right away! Yay!!! It was fun to experience pregnancy with Alyssa even though we are miles apart, they live in Rialto(southern california), we still got to talk all the time but we do wish they lived closer! Tynlee & Sadie both get the pleasure of being PREACHER'S DAUGHTERS so it's nice to know they  can "confide" in eachother someday if need be! Corey and Alyssa are great parents! It's was nice to see them with Sadie, so cute! :D We get to see them in a few weeks again so we are definitely looking forward to it!!

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