Monday, May 30, 2011

14 weeks old

My beautiful GORGEOUS baby turned 14 weeks old on Saturday. It's hard to believe I have a 3 month old! I love how she is really noticing us now and will watch me walk across the room. It's precious when she gets your eyes and just smiles that beautiful gummy smile!! She is just so much fun! And I am sooo thankful for her, everyday. She is such a blessing to our marriage. We love you Tynlee Anne :) Thank you for making our lives brighter!

Cabin :)

We got the pleasure of going up to a Vince & Tara's cabin in Arnold this past Friday night. Tara is Stephen's cousin by the way! They have their first little one and she's ALSO a girl who is 9 months old. Tynlee and Lily had fun "playing" together. We know when they get a little older, they are sure to be friends. We had a VERY relaxing time and got to enjoy Vince's mom's AMAZING Italian cooking! Seriously. The best Italian food i've ever tasted!! The boys went dirtbiking back in the woods on Saturday morning and us girls took a walk down to a rummage sale and a thrift store. When the boys went back, we drove down to a fair and looked at a munch of booths then grabbed some coffee and a delicious coffee shop! We had a very wonderful time! We haven't been able to go since right before I was pregnant so it was a real treat to getaway! :) Tynlee was an always!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

3 Months Old!

Tynlee Anne...why do you have to grow up so fast? Changing EVERY single day! Getting more and more alert and sooo much fun!! She is tooooo precious for words! I am soooo blessed to be her mommy! She loves to suck on her fingers, beyond cutest thing ever! Her thighs have so many rolls that I just kiss all day! Her cheeks, well, she gets em' from me! The Porter side :) People say she looks more and more like me, but I'm still not sure! Her eyelashes are so beautiful and long, she gets that from daddy. Her hair refuses to grow except for in the back lol. She rolls over everytime I put her on her belly for tummy time. She loves when I sing "Good morning to YOU" every morning when I changer her diaper. She still only sleeps 5-6 hours straight at night but that's okay, I'll take it :) She is a GREAT baby!! I couldn't ask for better! She loves taking showers with mommy, never once has she cried. It always calms her down when she's upset! She is getting so big! 12 lbs 5 oz this past week at doctor!! She is 7 lbs over her birth weight at 3 months! That's my good little eater :) I can go on all day about this sweet miracle! We pray every single night for her future salvation and her future husband :) I love her and it's amazing to believe God loves her even more!

One of the greatest men I know :)

I am so blessed to have this sweet man as my grandfather. He has been the guiding light and leader in this family. Always pointing us to Christ and showing what it truly means to have a relationship with Him. Him and my grandma have been married for almost 61 years!! They are true inspiration to us all! I thank the Lord for my sweet grandpa and grandma everyday! The relationship I have with them and the relationship I know Tynlee will get to have with them! I am blessed they are healthy and still around...I pray the Lord gives us many more years with them! :)

Memories with Grandpa & Grandma:
-spend overs, grandma making me and jaymi a comfty pallet in the living room
-Grandma putting cream soda in a bottle for me when I was 6!
-Singing "Just a closer walk with thee" with Grandpa in front of church while he played the guitar
-Going to Old Time Fiddlers with them and dancing
-watching grandma and grandpa do the Jitterbug and Waltz, they still do!! :)
-Hearing grandpa tell my husband war stories, he loves listening to him!
-Watching grandpa help my dad coach basketball, still!! At 82 years old!!
-Grandma is the BEST cook I know!! She taught me how to make fried chicken, gravy, fudge and strawberry jam!

Some favorites :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Relay for Life

Our Wonderful group :)
Our wonderful church was able to have a booth at the Relay for Life walk at Johansen High School this past weekend! It was a blessing to be able to put our name out there in hopes of gaining new members! Thanks to all those who showed up and a special thanks for John & Sop for all the hard work they put into it! As well as my wonderful husband who ordered the sign and t-shirts!

John & Sop

Our little family :)

Jessica Jordan

Sop holding Tynlee :)

Our wonderful pastor & his beautiful wife

John & Stephen

Me & my lovely Grandma

Vince & adorable Lily

Grandpa :)

Tara, Lily & Taylor

Tara & Lily :)

Honey & Tynlee :)

DaNee and Wyatt :)

Vince holding up Lily :)
Since my mom had breast cancer and my Grandma is now fighting it, this is very dear to my heart! Cancer is a scary word, and I pray for all those who are fighting to beat it!!!

My Husband

This man that I fell in love with 4 1/2 years ago, well technically 11 years ago(lol), still amazes me today. I fall MORE and MORE in love with him daily. He is such an amazing person! I truly can't get enough of him. He is the best husband, more than I ever deserved, the most loving daddy to our little girl, a great follower of Christ and the hardest working man I know. I just wanted to share some about my wonderful husband to you all!

Full Name: Stephen Roy Howard Jr.
Birthday: September 22, 1984
Graduated: 2002 from Hughson High School
Job: Preacher man :) and painting contractor @ Joaquin Painting
Hobbies: Being outdoors, fishing, playing with dogs, camping, college football
HATES: gum, mayo, ranch, & sour cream
Music: Christian & country
Drink: Arizona tea
Movies: Action or War
Food: SPICY mexican

Fun facts:
-Saved @ the age of 7
-Never went to school dance(HATES dancing)
-Not a fan of taking pictures
-Lived in the dessert for 2 years
-Surrendered to the ministry March 5, 2006
-Grew up on a ranchette :)
-Not a big pasta fan

I just love him to death :) He's the greatest!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Best Friend

Me & Annalisa met in Bradley childbirth class! She was the friend I was looking for. Someone who #1 LOVED the Lord, #2 was a faithful, loving, wife #3 fun, creative, outgoing and an all around WONDERFUL person! Anna was all of thee above! :) She is someone I can ALWAYS count on. Someone I can go to and talk about anything. We have really became close in these 8 months of knowing eachother. I don't think a day goes by that we don't talk or should I say "text". Our husbands are fond of eachother as well. They are sooo unbelievably alike!! It's crazy! :) Good for us, I guess!!! It's wonderful they enjoy eachother's company as well. It's an amazing thing that we are both at the exact same stage in life. They have been married 3 years and we are almost there. We both have GIRLS and they are only 3 days apart! It's been a HUGE blessing to have Anna in my life. I thank the Lord for our friendship everyday. That we may always lift one another up in prayer and speech and encourage one another to be God fearing "virtuous" women who love our husbands and care wonderfully for our baby girls! All I can say, is she is a wonderful woman. And she is my BESTEST friend :)

12 Weeks Old

My big girl turned 12 weeks old on Saturday! Boy oh boy does she change every single day! She wakes up looking older, not joking. When I look at her I think "You were soooo tiny and all you did was sleep not that long ago" now she is smiling all the time, watching me walk around the room, sitting up so BIG in her bumbo, playing on her play mat, "talking" back at me, and ALMOST sleeping through the night! I am so blessed to have her as my daughter. She is such a perfect blessing! I love watching her grow but I want to keep her little forever....People always told me that kids will make time go by fast and it sure does...I just do my best to savor every moment :) I love her so much!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

My 1st Mother's Day

My better half preaching the Mother's Day sermon :)
My Joy...The reason I got to celebrate yesterday!
Papa and his 2 youngest granddaughters: Felicity & Tynlee
What a blessing it was to share Mother's Day in such a different way this year! It was definitely a GREAT day! I got the pleasure of waking up to my sweet husband with breakfast on the table! Bisquits, eggs and sausage & coffee :) So sweet of him! I know he was tired too...He worked all week and was doing a side job in the evenings outside in this heat. Also, he works Friday night and all day Saturday also having to study for a sermon cuz he was preaching on Sunday morning at our church. I was really appreciative and gave him a huge kiss :) Tynlee was an angel while mommy got ready for church. Seriously, she slept the whole time never making a peep! Wow!! Well, church came and I got to hear my handsome husband preach on my 1st Mother's Day. He said some SUPER sweet things about me and definitely made me blush! I am so in love with him!! After church, we went over to Stephen's aunt & uncle's house(also my sister's in laws ;)) and we ate lunch with the Howard family! Then headed back to church to hear an excellent sermon from Pastor Rick. Then headed to my parents house with all my siblings to spend time with our mom. We ate pizza and lots of yummy treats, thanks to my sister :) It was a wonderful day!! Thank you Lord for blessing me with being a mom this year! You gave me the best daughter I could have ever dreamed of :) I thank the Lord for the gift of Motherhood! I have a great mom who truly taught me right and a great mother inlaw I got the pleasure of marrying into! Praise God :)

My beautiful Mother

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy 22nd Birthday to ME!

My wonderful gift from my husband and daughter :) it's a Sony Bloggie Touch video camera and camera!

On Sunday, May 1st, I turned 22!! Man, was 21 a GREAT year! It's sad to see it go but I know that 22 to only be greater cuz now I have my husband and my daughter :) It's wonderful! We spent the weekend leaving on Friday to head down to southern Cali for Stephen to preach on Sunday at the Rialto church. This is my 2nd birthday in a row spent down there! lol. It was fun staying at Stephen's sister Jacquline's house. It was WAY more quiet than usual though cuz 3 of her 4 kiddos were gone. We really missed seeing them!!! Saturday morning we slept in way too late and went with Steven(Stephen's best friend) and Ashlee to play raquet ball! It was so much fun!! Then we stopped by the Mexican Meat Market(GROSS!!) and got carne asada cuz Jacquline said she would make my birthday dinner of choice, HOW SWEET!!! :) It was sooo yummy! Ashlee was cookie covered brownies! The best thing ever!!! Then Sunday, we woke up and drove 30 minutes more south to the Rialto church where we got to see lots of wonderful people and show off our beautiful little girl! She was sure a hit ;) My hubby preached the afternoon message and did a fabulous job..duh :) and on our way  home we got to stop and see Stephen's other sister, Stephenie and her family. She made us hotdogs and we had a nice visit for a while! We were sad to leave! She was trying to talk us into staying over and going to Magic Mountain the next day...I begged of course but Stephen said "Gotta go to work"! And that's my hardworking man for ya :) I appreciate him so much. We got home around 12:30 Monday morning and Tynlee and I slept in, while daddy had to go to work...what a trooper! It was a GREAT birthday! My favorite one yet!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

10 weeks Old

My pumpkin turned 10 weeks old on Saturday! We were out of town in Southern California so I couldn't post then but here she is! Getting so big!! Seriously, such an ADORABLE chunk :) She wears some 3 months clothes now...oh my goodness! I just love her to pieces...she was such a good girl this weekend!!