Friday, May 20, 2011

3 Months Old!

Tynlee Anne...why do you have to grow up so fast? Changing EVERY single day! Getting more and more alert and sooo much fun!! She is tooooo precious for words! I am soooo blessed to be her mommy! She loves to suck on her fingers, beyond cutest thing ever! Her thighs have so many rolls that I just kiss all day! Her cheeks, well, she gets em' from me! The Porter side :) People say she looks more and more like me, but I'm still not sure! Her eyelashes are so beautiful and long, she gets that from daddy. Her hair refuses to grow except for in the back lol. She rolls over everytime I put her on her belly for tummy time. She loves when I sing "Good morning to YOU" every morning when I changer her diaper. She still only sleeps 5-6 hours straight at night but that's okay, I'll take it :) She is a GREAT baby!! I couldn't ask for better! She loves taking showers with mommy, never once has she cried. It always calms her down when she's upset! She is getting so big! 12 lbs 5 oz this past week at doctor!! She is 7 lbs over her birth weight at 3 months! That's my good little eater :) I can go on all day about this sweet miracle! We pray every single night for her future salvation and her future husband :) I love her and it's amazing to believe God loves her even more!

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