Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy 22nd Birthday to ME!

My wonderful gift from my husband and daughter :) it's a Sony Bloggie Touch video camera and camera!

On Sunday, May 1st, I turned 22!! Man, was 21 a GREAT year! It's sad to see it go but I know that 22 to only be greater cuz now I have my husband and my daughter :) It's wonderful! We spent the weekend leaving on Friday to head down to southern Cali for Stephen to preach on Sunday at the Rialto church. This is my 2nd birthday in a row spent down there! lol. It was fun staying at Stephen's sister Jacquline's house. It was WAY more quiet than usual though cuz 3 of her 4 kiddos were gone. We really missed seeing them!!! Saturday morning we slept in way too late and went with Steven(Stephen's best friend) and Ashlee to play raquet ball! It was so much fun!! Then we stopped by the Mexican Meat Market(GROSS!!) and got carne asada cuz Jacquline said she would make my birthday dinner of choice, HOW SWEET!!! :) It was sooo yummy! Ashlee was cookie covered brownies! The best thing ever!!! Then Sunday, we woke up and drove 30 minutes more south to the Rialto church where we got to see lots of wonderful people and show off our beautiful little girl! She was sure a hit ;) My hubby preached the afternoon message and did a fabulous job..duh :) and on our way  home we got to stop and see Stephen's other sister, Stephenie and her family. She made us hotdogs and we had a nice visit for a while! We were sad to leave! She was trying to talk us into staying over and going to Magic Mountain the next day...I begged of course but Stephen said "Gotta go to work"! And that's my hardworking man for ya :) I appreciate him so much. We got home around 12:30 Monday morning and Tynlee and I slept in, while daddy had to go to work...what a trooper! It was a GREAT birthday! My favorite one yet!!!

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