Monday, May 9, 2011

My 1st Mother's Day

My better half preaching the Mother's Day sermon :)
My Joy...The reason I got to celebrate yesterday!
Papa and his 2 youngest granddaughters: Felicity & Tynlee
What a blessing it was to share Mother's Day in such a different way this year! It was definitely a GREAT day! I got the pleasure of waking up to my sweet husband with breakfast on the table! Bisquits, eggs and sausage & coffee :) So sweet of him! I know he was tired too...He worked all week and was doing a side job in the evenings outside in this heat. Also, he works Friday night and all day Saturday also having to study for a sermon cuz he was preaching on Sunday morning at our church. I was really appreciative and gave him a huge kiss :) Tynlee was an angel while mommy got ready for church. Seriously, she slept the whole time never making a peep! Wow!! Well, church came and I got to hear my handsome husband preach on my 1st Mother's Day. He said some SUPER sweet things about me and definitely made me blush! I am so in love with him!! After church, we went over to Stephen's aunt & uncle's house(also my sister's in laws ;)) and we ate lunch with the Howard family! Then headed back to church to hear an excellent sermon from Pastor Rick. Then headed to my parents house with all my siblings to spend time with our mom. We ate pizza and lots of yummy treats, thanks to my sister :) It was a wonderful day!! Thank you Lord for blessing me with being a mom this year! You gave me the best daughter I could have ever dreamed of :) I thank the Lord for the gift of Motherhood! I have a great mom who truly taught me right and a great mother inlaw I got the pleasure of marrying into! Praise God :)

My beautiful Mother

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