Friday, May 20, 2011

One of the greatest men I know :)

I am so blessed to have this sweet man as my grandfather. He has been the guiding light and leader in this family. Always pointing us to Christ and showing what it truly means to have a relationship with Him. Him and my grandma have been married for almost 61 years!! They are true inspiration to us all! I thank the Lord for my sweet grandpa and grandma everyday! The relationship I have with them and the relationship I know Tynlee will get to have with them! I am blessed they are healthy and still around...I pray the Lord gives us many more years with them! :)

Memories with Grandpa & Grandma:
-spend overs, grandma making me and jaymi a comfty pallet in the living room
-Grandma putting cream soda in a bottle for me when I was 6!
-Singing "Just a closer walk with thee" with Grandpa in front of church while he played the guitar
-Going to Old Time Fiddlers with them and dancing
-watching grandma and grandpa do the Jitterbug and Waltz, they still do!! :)
-Hearing grandpa tell my husband war stories, he loves listening to him!
-Watching grandpa help my dad coach basketball, still!! At 82 years old!!
-Grandma is the BEST cook I know!! She taught me how to make fried chicken, gravy, fudge and strawberry jam!

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