Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life at the moment...

It's FINALLY Summer...not that I'm excited for the HEAT by ANY means, I am excited for the laying out, swimming, VaCaTiOnS, BBQ's, flip flops, and great family time!! I am so looking forward to putting my little girl in her adorable swimsuit and shades!! SO cute!! I dipped her feet in my inlaw's pool the other day and she LOVED it! She was just so happy kicking around :) I figured she'd love it, since she adores bathtime!

I am sitting here writing, and my sweety is taking a nap...Our life these days, pretty much consists of cleaning house, laundry, cooking, taking care of Tynlee, just vegging at home. We don't "get out" much! I prefer to stay home with Tynlee most of the time. I just enjoy our peace and quiet being able to play with her all day.

Stephen is working on growing his "bee business". (It's only his side job). It's great to see him do something he enjoys. Even though it's all me and Tynlee hear about these days, we are happy he is excited about it and doing something he loves.

We are also getting ready to start the dreaded but oh so exciting house hunting AGAIN....we hope we have better success this time in getting in a nice house cuz last time= NO SUCCESS. But I look at it as it wasn't God's will at the moment and hopefully, now it is! I can't wait to get in our own place and do whatever we want to it! Make it OUR home! We are so excited! Hoping for country but we will make OUR special home anywhere the Lord sees fit...well, NOT anywhere I guess...hahaha

We are so happy...just enjoying each day and the blessings the Lord gives us!! He is wonderful :)

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