Thursday, June 9, 2011

My View On Vaccines

Before I had Tynlee, I researched vaccinations like crazy, talked with several people, and I was for sure vaccines weren't for us!!! Well, at least till Tynlee was a year old.

When Tynlee got here, and everything happened so fast, the Hep B shot was given without my say. I understand, it's standard and I was completely "drugged", and unaware of it all. I then started researching more and more and never came to a good conclusion either way.

Still torn, I don't know what to do. I am so overwhelmed, living in constant worry. I pray constantly about my fears and worries but making these possibly life changing decisions either way for my baby, scares me. I know God will protect Tynlee but I truly feel better about a alternative vaccination schedule. Yes, Tynlee will get all her vaccines but not all of them according to the "Doctor Schedule". I am not even going the Dr. Sears way. I am doing what I think is best for my daughter. I know some people think "Oh, my baby is getting all the vaccines right when the doctor says". But honestly, of course the doctor is for vaccines, he gets paid more and he is supposed to say that as your doctor cause he doesn't want to be liable! But most moms have no idea what their children get, they just assume it's okay because millions and million of babies are vaccinated and doctors say its fine. 

During my research, I have come upon several sites that are thought to link SIDS to vaccines. It's just crazy to me how the SIDS rate is highest between 2-4 months, and that's when they receive most of their vaccines. And it's ironic & truly sad, how most children who have died from SIDS, have died within 2-3 weeks of receiving their vaccines.

I have read story after story of parents who did the Dtap, Hep B, Polio, Pneommenical, HiB, & Rotavirus all in ONE visit and their children had SEVER reactions like seizures. It completely scares me.

I mean they are putting 8 different VACCINATIONS in your baby at once!! THEY ARE LIKE 16 pounds or LESS!! Come on people...they are so little and getting sooo much!! So much for their tiny precious bodies to take in at once. I am no expert, I just have strong convictions about this.

I know you are the PARENT of YOUR child and you do what you think is best. But at least get educated!!! I have no idea if these HUGE AMOUNTS OF VACCINES your baby gets each visit is linked to Autism, SIDS, Exzema, Ashma, or Allergies. But from what I've read, it has a lot to do with it.

I just have to hope and pray that my schedule is successful. I plan on having her go in every month, spreading out shots every 4 weeks where she will only get one vaccine/virus each visit so her little body has time to adjust and take it in. It seems logical to me. Even though she will be poked more than usually, it's LESS at once which I feel completely confident in!

Now, I spoke my mind. And I pray the Lord's hand on my sweet baby while we endure this and do what we feel is best...after MUCH MUCH MUCH prayer...our life source :)

RESEARCH & PRAY MOMMIES! Please!!! Don't just trust the "expert doctors".

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