Friday, July 29, 2011

Congenital Epullis

Our Stanford Story

As most of you know, my daughter was born with excess gum tissue coming out of her mouth, or in doctor language, a Congenital Epullis.

It never showed up on ultrasounds, being that it is tissue. It did though show up on a 3D sonogram I had done at Peek A Baby at 32 weeks gestation. But being that doctors don't work there, they can't tell you anything. I did keep asking her "What that thing is on her mouth" but she just kept saying it's her hand I think. But I knew something was up, cuz it didn't move. I thought it was cleft lip or something.

Never in my life had I, or anyone I know for that matter, heard of a Congenital Epulis. The doctor who delivered Tynlee said it's the first he's ever seen.

Our little sweetie is SPECIAL in soooo many ways!

So when they took Tynlee out of my belly, cut the cord, and sent her right through the NiCu doors, my husband knew something wasn't right. When he left to be with Tynlee and Dr. Clare came up to talk with me, he told me about the growth but didn't know what to call it.

SEE! I wasn't crazy! Mama knew!!!

The NiCu guy at Doctor's Hospital(he's from Stanford), took a guess and said "Congenital Epulis".

He was RIGHT.
she actually had 3 in her mouth but only 1 could be seen outside.

Facts about a Congenital Epulis:

-Grows with baby in the womb(in late pregnancy)
-It's excess gum tissue
-8 to 1, it's found in females
-First founded, in 1871
-Only 186 cases ever reported

Tynlee was taken 2 hours later to Lucile Packard's Childrens Hospital in Palo Alto. Well known hospital nationwide. People with high risk children travel all over the country to bring their child here and we are the lucky ones who are only 2 hours away!

They didn't know how serious it was but it was too severe for her to eat by mouth. We were BLESSED to see she was breathing WONDERFULL and her vitals were great. She had an apgar score of 9, both times. She had no signs of being a preemie, born at 36 weeks, just this massive silver dollar size growth on her mouth. She was still the most BEAUTIFUL thing we'd ever seen!

When I saw Tynlee for the first time, I didn't even notice that. I was just so happy to FINALLY have her in my arms. I knew she would be taken from me soon, so I soaked it up as much as I could being so drugged. :

Her and my husband were then dragged off to Stanford.
They transported Tynlee in an ambulance from Stanford but they didn't have sirens on because "Thank the Lord", it wasn't an emergency.

Before they left though, (about 11pm at night), they came into our room with Tynlee on a HUGE adult size gerny in a little baby incubator, with all the family and stated the risks of driving her there in the rain and stuff I was nervous to here. But thankfully, they made it safe and sound and had no problems with my sweetheart.

My husband texted me when they arrived and got Tynlee all situated in the NiCu there. He was sad he already had to leave her side. He went back to hospital and got about 4 hours sleep and was back to hospital by 7am. Never left her side. He was such a trooper about sending me pictures, cuz you know I asked for them ALL day.

My beautiful MIL sent me a video of him and Tynlee, that was it for me, I lost it. I wanted to be there with them so bad.

My gorgeous, amazing mom and sister barely left my side. My mom stayed overnight with me and gave me the royal treatment there.(So glad she works on postpartum)!!!! I had wonderful visitors who encouraged me, prayed with me and brought me some very nice treats.

Sunday dragged on slowly but I got up and walked as soon as they took me off the Magnesium. I was so happy to get out of bed. The pain didn't even faze me. I couldn't wait to get out of there and be with my baby and hubby. I was determined and VERY motivated. All you mommy's could understand that!

I walked several times to get my strength back. I wanted to show my doctor I was strong enough to leave. I took a shower, FINALLY. It had been almost 4 days :( Brushed my teeth for over 4 minutes haha...and I begged to go home.

So Monday morning, my doctor came in and said I was free to go whenever. My mom MADE me wait another 6 hours. Can you believe it? lol. I look back now and think WHY ON EARH DID I LISTEN BECAUSE I WANTED TO GET TO MY BABY!!!

But she thought it was best for me to rest a little more while I could.
Earlier that day, my sweet dad brought Tynlee all of my colostrum I had been pumping just in case they would be able to feed her bottle after surgery.

She only got a little bit of electrolytes through an IV. No food. and she only lost 2 oz! AMAZING HUH!??! And only GAINED from there. That's the MOST she lost.

We weren't sure when Tynlee's suregery would be on Monday. they thought between 10-2pm but then they had an emergency that had to be done first.

Tynlee finally went into surgery at 5pm.
Stephen called me and I could tell he was a little choked up.
It was practically(besides him sleeping for a few hours at night) the first time he HAD to be away from her and he felt helpless. I would have been a mess if I was there for that.

I was being forced to take my pain meds. I didn't want to. To be honest with you, I was feeling great and healing wonderfully.

After I got off the phone with Stephen, I was the only one in my room, I sat on the edge of my bed, and prayed...harder than I'd ever prayed before.

20 minutes later, Stephen called. "She's out and doing GREAT!"
That was fast!!! They weren't sure if it was going to be 2 hours or what.

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!

He then sent me a picture and you couldn't even tell anything was EVER there!

They just shaved it off..not even a stitch!


Healing hand of God??? YES!!!

At 6pm, my brother and mom drove me up to Stanford to be with my baby and hubby. It was the longest 2 hour drive, EVER!!!

I got there and they "wheeled" me up(since it's such a big hospital), to the 2nd floor, NiCu and once again i was reunited with my husband and my sweet adorable Tynlee. I cried my eyes out. I kissed her continually and my husband, of course. He was my ROCK. He amazed throughout the whole process. FATHER OF THE YEAR AWARD!!! I fully trusted him there with Tynlee.

Three hours later, about 2am, we went to the hotel and slept till 6am then headed back to see Tynlee. She was still kinda out of it, on the breathing tube. Around 11am, they finally got the okay to take it out.

My little girl is a TROOPER AND A FIGHTER. She was under COMPLETE anestesia at 2 days old!!!

I then go the okay to try was hard at first...she showed no interest because she was sooo jaundice and soooo tired. Sleepy sleepy girl....

I kept trying. I was deteremined. THAT'S WHY GOD gave us those things right??
I knew it was BEST for her and I was gunna work my booty off to give it to her.

Lactation lady helped me a lot. Tynlee finally started doing pretty good.

I was so nervous I wouldn't be able to nurse because we didn't get to try RIGHT AFTER BIRTH like they say you should but seriously, we are still GOING STRONG at 5 1/2 months and that's all she gets ;)

Wednesday came around and Tynlee had to do a 2 hour carseat test being premature. She passed it with flying colors. Then, we got discharged around 3pm.

We were finally together. Us 3, as a family!

We had a follow up appt. a month later with the wonderful "Ear, Nose & Throat" doctor who did her surgery. It was great to see them again and they were very impressed with Tynlee's healing.

We know see a "Ear, Nose & Throat" doctor here a couple times a year for a while. They said it shouldn't affect her at all in the future but want to check her frequently to make sure.

If you didn't know us, and our story, you wouldn' even know she ever had a problem or a preemie for that matter. Tynlee has more than TRIPLED her birth weight a 5 1/2 months. She is a chunky monkey and her mouth is PERFECT!!!

They checked the tumor for cancer and it was totally BENINE!!

Being at Stanford was a humbling experience. Our baby was the biggest and healthiest baby in the NiCu. Thankfully, Tynlee's problem was only cosmetic.

Several babies were 25 weeks gestational. Barely weighing in a 1/5 lbs. Then 26 week old twins came in on Tuesday night and one weighted under a 1lb! It's amazing what doctors can do these days! They were the size of a water bottle. So so so tiny with so many cords. We watched as the parents would sit there by their baby and not even be able to hold them.

Stanford staff was AMAZING. Top notch! They were so sweet and answered ANY question we had.

All in all, they decided to do a CASE REPORT on Tynlee since her condition was SOOO rare!! They sent it to us and it will be in medical journals all over the world.


I am glad to say my little girl is perfect and truly a gift from the Lord.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Devotional

Romans 1:16 
For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.

Have you ever been embarassed to share your faith with someone who doesn't know the Lord? I mean, we all have at times. Not because we are ashamed, but because we are nervous about what they might think of us.
We need to ask the Lord for courage and the desire to witness. God calls us to tell others about Him. Why wouldn't we want to share ETERNAL LIFE with them??? It's the GREATEST thing that's ever happened to US!
We sometimes can make salvation so difficult, but if the Lord says "Believe on me and you will be saved," he MEANS it.
it's that simple.

I encourage you to NEVER miss the opportunity the Lord gives you to witness to others. It could be there only time they ever hear the gospel. I guarentee, they will remember what you said even if there is no instant "reaction" or change.


That's right!! I've started working out...FINALLY! Geez, I's been 5 months since I had Tynlee and I didn't work out AT ALL when I was pregnant....But next time, I get preggo, I hope to be in a tip-top shape and work out the whole time...(it should help with the blood pressure and nausea, I HOPE)

So I've started Mommy & Me Bootcamp! Coolest thing EVER right? Tynlee gets to go with me!!!!! No day care..woop woop!!! We go to Davis Park, my super fit adorable cousin Tara is actually the instructor, and we bring our babies and our strollers and do a whole bunch of different excersises for ONE hour, 3 days a week! It's wonderful and so perfect for US!!

My goal is to lose 30 lbs...Yes, that's right, by CHRISTMAS!! Do you think I can do it!!?? I am still 6 lbs away from pre-baby weight and 30 lbs away from pre-marriage weight...Holy cow, I got fat :( very depressing. I am also doing my own style of weight watchers...eating healthier and LESS!!But I am excited to be a FIT mama and be healthy and inshape for my kiddos...and of course, my sexy husband ;)

He says I look great but really, I want to feel better about myself and I am SURE he misses the old 145 lb me!

So guess what, for sure PROTECTING until December or long as I lose the weight that is!!! Then, we will try for baby #2!!!!!!!!!!(and yes, we want them that close)

Strong Moms=Strong Babies :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life is so unpredictable...

So I have the urge to write some things that I have really learned about our journeys in life...You can prepare, you can plan, you can have the perfect senerio written out for you, but 90% of the time, it usually turns out different..For instance:

-You think the first time you go "unprotected" you will get pregnant...Well at least that's what your parent's tell you! Lol...but really, when my husband and I started trying to conceive...or just didn't protect anymore...Nothing happened...4 months happened and nothing...Hmmmm....
-January rolls around and I find out I'm pregnant which was 5 months after we got married..2 days after I found out and told everyone :/ I miscarried!
-Life went on, we thought, we will keep trying, it can't happen twice, right? and we were so happy we could ever get pregnant cuz those 5 months seemed like a lifetime, if you know what I mean!?
-Months past, even a WHOLE year! Nothing.... :( We were getting so discouraged...Praying on our knees for the Lord to PLEASE bless us with a baby...I mean, you knew how bad I wanted to be a mom, at least everyone who knew me, and everyone who read my post about "always wanting to be a mommy!"
-Maybe God had BIGGER plans for us...maybe we were called to adopt
-As I started looking into adoption, it felt right.....
-But I still wanted my own...I wanted to experience pregnancy and experience bringing a baby into the world...I told the Lord, BRING ON THE SICKNESS, I'LL DO WHATEVER TO HAVE A BABY LORD!
-Well finally, March 2010 rolls around, missed my period, and wa-la, pregnant for the 2nd time....a week after finding out and again, telling everyone....I miscarried, yet again :(
-I couldn't take it.....We didn't understand...Our hearts were broken...But more than ever did I have to lean on God and trust Him...
-We were looking into fertility treatment/help at my doctor's office...
-But first as a woman, let me tell you how embarassing it is to not be able to have a baby...I mean, it's our "calling" right? But I kept reading in the bible of all these barren woman and it gave me courage and hope that even some of the Lord's woman, wouldn't conceive.
-Well, my OB was going to put me on clomid the next week(this was June) just incase I wasn't ovulating...
-We went camping on 4th of July weekend with my inlaws, I just knew something was up....It was 6 days before my period was even due, when we got home Tuesday night I ran to the store for a test....
-Wednesday morning 5am came, and I peed on the stick....YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even 6 days before my period was due!!!
-And that was my beautiful Tynlee growing inside of me!
-We kept it between Stephen and I for a couple weeks then once my doctor did an ultrasound and started me on the wonderful Prometrium(progesterone), we felt the URGE to tell the WORLD!!!!!!

But like I said, life is SOOO have plans and they can so easily CHANGE!!
Who would have ever thought, getting pregant would be so hard! I mean, we were almost married 2 years before we got pregnant with a baby and it actually "stuck"!

Then, pregnancy remember how I said, Lord bring on the sickness, I'll do whatever...well, sure enough, I was sick...EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I didn't throw up every single day, well at least no past 18 weeks....but I was nauseaus everyday....The Zofran helped a lot in the 2nd trimester but STILL, had to snack all day and make sure I took my nausea pill.....IT WAS ALL WORTH IT THOUGH!

Then, I delt with the high blood pressure and it was until 34 weeks that they even diagnosed me with it...pre-eclampsia or pregnancy induced was too late to start pills....

Back track, when I was 18 weeks pregnant, we started taking Bradley Childbirth Classes...We wanted to do an all natural birth...We were fully prepared...Eating healthy, knew all the relaxation techniques, didn't want pain meds or an IV, but I knew I would have to get an IV because I had the LOW platelets and high blood pressure...So I was prepared to LABOR AT HOME until I couldn't take it anymore. Walk around the hospital while having contractions. Take a shower in the hospital. Sit on birthing ball. Etc. Well, IT WASN'T LIKE THIS AT ALL!! The $200 on class was worth it in the sense of meeting a wonderful sweet couple, having a great instructor, and having to use those relaxation techniques after my water broke ON IT'S OWN(only thing that happened naturally) cuz those contractions were SOOO painful, I mean, she was COMING!!! I was throwing up and in so much pain...But I remembered what I was taught in Bradley and my husband was the BEST!!!!!!!! Always telling me to relax!!!

So my birth, was FAR from natural besides my water breaking on it's on...I was 36 weeks when they induced me...with Citotech, Cirvidil, and dreaded Pitocin! They also put me on Magnesium cuz of my high blood pressure which made me stay in bed cuz it makes you feel like you are SO hot and have the flu and with me needing to stay in bed, they put a catheter in and HOLY COW that was annoying without the epidural...I felt EVERYTHING!!!

Then just when things start working and my water breaks and I get to sick on the bedside commode(I wasn't supposed to be outta bed) but I was already in bed since Wednesday and it was Saturday..I couldn't contract in bed ANYMORE!!!

I felt the urge to push so she checked me and sure enough, Tynlee's hands were coming out first...

See, Not everything GOES AS PLANNED! :(

But everything worked out the way GOD WANTED IT TO! He was protecting us! And Tynlee HAD to be born by c-section! She had a growth on her mouth...seriously...God is AMAZING!!!!! He protected us the WHOLE way through!!

Then, my baby comes out and her and my husband have to leave for Stanford 2 hours away while I stay in Modesto... :(

But God brought us through...

Now, I feel blessed...I feel so blessed that the Lord watched over us and His children..He delivered us!

Even though things didn't go the way WE WANTED IT TO, everything was done because God's hand was in on it...

If you read my birth story you know that the "epullis" on Tynlee's mouth grows in the womb, it probably would have obstructed her breathing if I had gone full term but since I had the preeclampsia and they induced me, it was large and still prevented her from eating, it didn't hurt her breathing AT ALL!!! Thank you LORD!!!

Also, if she woul dhave been born VAGIANLLY, it coul dhave bursted and caused me to hemmorage...

My recovery was amazing..Up walking the next day! I wanted to get to my baby SOOO bad!!

Her surgery was a HUGE success, and I got there an hour after she got out from surgery..

Things don't always GO as we have planned...But boy oh boy, God still pulled through and showed us His plan, in the BEST plan and that HE IS IN CONTROL no matter how much we prepare!

So do I want just ONE child do you ask, because I was so sick with Tynlee and because of everything that happened with her? and us? Well, I would LOVE more children, but if ONE is all the Lord has for Stephen and I, I will be BLESSED and HAPPY because Tynlee is amazing. truly the greatest gift from the Lord. And she completes me....

It's Mornings Like These....

Tynlee wakes up every single morning SO incredibly happy! What a SWEET baby I have! I get awoken every morning to her sweet voice talking to her BFF, the fan ;) I can't get enough of this precious little blessing!

Monday, July 25, 2011


I've always wanted to be a mom. Believe it or not, I carried a DOLL around till I was 12 years old. I liked the REAL stuff!!! As in, the REAL carseat, the REAL stroller, REAL baby clothes and I even stuck REAL baby food down the back of my dolls throat...sick right? She started to stink after a while :/

But in reality, being a Mom is even better than I imagined it would be. This love I had for my dolls doesn't even compare, I mean DUH but really, I was always a little mommy. I dreamed about it EVERY single day! My doll was my FAVORITE toy! I would even put her down for naps with nursery lullabies on. The best Christmas EVER was receiving the REAL baby stuff!

I think I always wanted to be a mom because I had the BEST example of a mom anyone could ask for. My beautiful mom was a stay at home mom. She raised us right. She never failed to show us love & affection. I NEVER questioned her love for us! She always took the time to cuddle me and tell me she loved me. I knew being a mom was what I wanted to be! 

I am not the type or woman who wants a career. A career in mommy hood and being a wife is PERFECT for me! The best job I could ever dream of! I understand mommys who have to work and I feel bad for them if they truly want to be home with their sweetie. :(

Things I love about motherhood:

-Waking up to a VERY happy baby girl
-kissing her slobbery lips over and over again ;)
-blowing bubbles on her chest and hearing that sweet giggle
-watching her explore her hands and suck on her chubby thumbs
-listening to her sing herself to sleep
-the look she has when daddy comes home from work..PRICELESS!
-the happiness when she goes poopy! It's only every couple days!
-How she's the BIGGEST cuddle bug!
-she's discovered her voice!
-bathtime, she kicks and smiles the WHOLE time!
-playing dress up!
-her adorable TINY feet...still size 0 :) almost a 1 though!!
-her dinner rolls all up and down her arms
-those saggy adorable chubby cheeks that I kiss and kiss!
-the brown patch of hair at the bottom of her head ;)
-her dimple on her cheek, same spot as me!
-those most beautiful BLUE eyes in the world!
-her adorable WHITE buns :)
-how she stuffs her head in your arm when she sleeps!
-when she sucks her paci so hard, it falls out
-when she has a "good" dream and smiles in her sleep!

I could go ON and ON!! I am so in love with you Tynlee Anne!! If the Lord only gave us you as an only child, Mommy WOULD be satisfied! I am so thankful for you! Our little miracle!

House Hunting

It's officially began!!! And we are hitting it FULL swing! There are areas we have decided to not even look just because we have our preference of where we like to live because of location, amount of people, area, and whether it has country or back roads ;) Our favorites would be Hughson and Denair. I LOVE Oakdale but hubby isn't too fond but we are still looking there and have actually found some ADORABLE houses to offer on...Thanks babe ;) We REALLY like Turlock as well and are actually looking at 4 there today! I am so excited to finally  get in our OWN place and make it our home and do whatever we desire to do to it! I am blessed to have such a handy man so if we do want to customize it, he can do PAINTING, cabinet refinishing, cement/concrete work over any tile or flooring on counter tops, floors and even showers!! Yay!!!!!!! Please pray for us! Last time we tried this, about 2.5 years ago, we put in 30 offers, let me repeat, 30 offers!!!! and obviously, didn't get one. Those DARN investors :) (No but really, if I was THEM, i'd be doing the same thing!) GREAT INVESTMENT!! Too bad we don't have the money to pay cash for a house! We will be in our rental 2 years in September! It has been a wonderful little house for us but we will soon be OUTGROWING it!!! Our stuff is overflowing since Tynlee has joined our family :) It's a GOOD thing though!! It will be so bitter sweet leaving, we brought our beautiful girl home here and have so many memories here :(

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Simple Things

It's always been said, It's the simple things in life...and really, it is. Being a mom, I am realizing more and more than the simple things, the simple moments are the BEST.

-Bath time, so special watching my little girl smile practically the WHOLE time!
-My husband waking me up to kiss US goodbye in the morning
-Stephen vaccumes EVERY night for me!
-Spending family time on the couch together cuddling watching tv/movie
-Watching Stephen and Tynlee together
-Taking an evening walk as a family
-Driving to church together
-When my husband makes my cup of coffee JUST right ;)
-Freshly cleaned sheets
-When Stephen remembers to hang up his towel :)
-When all the laundry baskets are EMPTY
-When I've recorded my favorite shows and don't have to watch the commercials!!!
-Favorite song comes on the radio
-Daily bible reading
-Blowing on Tynlee's tummy to hear her giggle
-When I've had the time or should I say, willingness to have blow dried and straightened hair!
-Fresh cut lawn

Thursday, July 21, 2011

5 Months Old

Adorable GIGGLE MOON outfit from Sister Leslie Carnes!! I love it!!!! :)
On Tuesday, Tynlee Anne turned 5 months old! I am not even going to say it, okay, I will..........How is that even possible!! Time needs to seriously slow down! Having kiddos really makes you realize how FAST time truly DOES fly!! But boy oh boy, do I love my little girl?! She is amazing!!! The most perfect girl I could have ever asked for!! Constantly throwing out smiles to everyone she sees! She LOVES people ecspecially kids. Tynlee LOVES to talk! Once she starts saying real words, I don't think she's ever going to stop! My dad was telling me yesterday that I was the same way! :) She can roll over both ways now and she can turn full circles in her bed at night! We haven't mastered sitting up yet but she can do it for a few seconds. She still loves her binky when she's tired and she really enjoys car rides cuz she always squeezes in a cat nap ;) She sleeps with her little hands above her head and I just could stare at her sleeping ALL day!! I am very in love with her beautiful LONG eyelashes. People are always making comments about them! :) She doesn't like rice or oatmeal and I have no desire really to start food yet cuz she's doing just fine without it. I think I will just try again at 6 months :) We go to her 4-month well baby check on August 1st, I can't wait to see how big she is! I'm guessing 15 pounds!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Taking Life for Granted

The past couple days, I have been following a blog of a sweet family who just recently lost their sweet little 8 month old to a brain tumor. How devastating it must be. Tears were just rolling down my face reading it. People ask me, how on earth I can stand reading stuff like that but I felt I needed to. This sweet family has been in my prayers on a daily basis. Also, it made me realize how to not take ANYTHING special in your life for granted. It's no easy to get caught up in just a day to day routine where everyday seems like the rest, but we need to realize how special our blessings are. And to thank God for them every chance you get. I look at my sweet daughter, and I feel so overwhelmingly blessed. I thank the Lord for her health and protection several times a day. I trust in the Lord, for His watch and care for our sweet Tynlee. But as a mother, it gets overwhelming at times and you fear anything ever happening to them because you love them so much and can't imagine your life without them in it. You are their protector in this life.

Life is so temporary. Every child of God will go to Heaven and I believe we will be with our loved ones again. Life is so incrediblily short. So I encourage you to spend a little extra time today holding your baby. Forget the laundry, the dishes, the dusting, for one day and just love on your sweetie. Thank God for His blessing.

After reading that blog, all I did was hold my daughter and just cry. Cry because I hurt for that family even though I know that little boy is in no more pain and better off than us, we are still human and when you lose someone, you still long for them to be here. I just held Tynlee and prayed to God, prayed for his health and protection.

Love on your baby and pray for your baby. It's the best thing you can do for them. Take extra time to enjoy them today and everyday!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pool Day with Friends

On Thursday, my sister in law Stephenie who is visiting  from southern Cali, wanted to invite some friends over to swim and fellowship! I invited Annalisa & Brooklynne over and Ashlie and our cousin Tara came as well. We had a wonderful time visiting and catching some sun rays :) Love Summer pool days!

My Sweet T :)

She is getting so strong! Rolling over both ways now! No more leaving her on the bed unattended :)

20 weeks

Yes, I'm a week late cuz she is currently 21 weeks today! But I have been so busy planning my cousin Jaymi's surprise baby shower I haven't had much time to blog which saddens me, because I LOVE to blog :) This past week, Tynlee has "found her voice" and when she's awake, she is either "talking" or sticking her WHOLE hand in her mouth and "gagging" herself...She is spitting up a lot more these days and I'm thinking it's because she always has her little fingers in her mouth. I see white on the bottom left gum, I think that means TOOTH :/ She's been a trooper though and isn't fussy, just very drooly! She gets more and more precious everyday. She is so much fun and has the sweetest personality. Every morning, I sing "Good morning to you" just like my mom sang to us and she smiles and giggles the WHOLE time! It's so adorable. If she doesn't get a bath by 9pm, she is screaming no matter what. She LOVES bathtime or should I say, shower time with mommy! :) I love being a mommy to Tynlee, God couldn't have blessed us with a better baby! She is perfect in everyway!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Water Baby!

Tynlee loves bathtime so I knew she would probably love the pool...she's not so fond of getting in and getting the cold water on her at first, but once she's used to it, she just kicks it in her bubble bee floaty :) She is so cute!!!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Time Eating Solids!!

What a big girl! I really wanted to hold off till 6 months, but I thought why not give it a try since she is still NOT sleeping through the night, I thought it would help...but no, it didn' I prolly will hold off a little longer! She did great though and totally opened her mouth for me! We gave her oatmeal mixed with a TON of mommy milk :) She was a good girl trying to figure out why mommy was feeding her this way! lol....she is so cute! :)

Cutie Pa-tootie :)

And the winner is......


I got the wonderful pleasure of meeting Lea through my mom's good friend Lisa. Lea is Lisa's daughter. Lea & her husband Brian served the Starbucks coffee at our reception a couple weeks before they got married! They had their first little girl in October of last year. She is too cute! Eislee Olive :) Lea is such a sweet and beautiful girl inside and out! So happy she won!