Saturday, July 16, 2011

20 weeks

Yes, I'm a week late cuz she is currently 21 weeks today! But I have been so busy planning my cousin Jaymi's surprise baby shower I haven't had much time to blog which saddens me, because I LOVE to blog :) This past week, Tynlee has "found her voice" and when she's awake, she is either "talking" or sticking her WHOLE hand in her mouth and "gagging" herself...She is spitting up a lot more these days and I'm thinking it's because she always has her little fingers in her mouth. I see white on the bottom left gum, I think that means TOOTH :/ She's been a trooper though and isn't fussy, just very drooly! She gets more and more precious everyday. She is so much fun and has the sweetest personality. Every morning, I sing "Good morning to you" just like my mom sang to us and she smiles and giggles the WHOLE time! It's so adorable. If she doesn't get a bath by 9pm, she is screaming no matter what. She LOVES bathtime or should I say, shower time with mommy! :) I love being a mommy to Tynlee, God couldn't have blessed us with a better baby! She is perfect in everyway!

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