Thursday, July 28, 2011


That's right!! I've started working out...FINALLY! Geez, I's been 5 months since I had Tynlee and I didn't work out AT ALL when I was pregnant....But next time, I get preggo, I hope to be in a tip-top shape and work out the whole time...(it should help with the blood pressure and nausea, I HOPE)

So I've started Mommy & Me Bootcamp! Coolest thing EVER right? Tynlee gets to go with me!!!!! No day care..woop woop!!! We go to Davis Park, my super fit adorable cousin Tara is actually the instructor, and we bring our babies and our strollers and do a whole bunch of different excersises for ONE hour, 3 days a week! It's wonderful and so perfect for US!!

My goal is to lose 30 lbs...Yes, that's right, by CHRISTMAS!! Do you think I can do it!!?? I am still 6 lbs away from pre-baby weight and 30 lbs away from pre-marriage weight...Holy cow, I got fat :( very depressing. I am also doing my own style of weight watchers...eating healthier and LESS!!But I am excited to be a FIT mama and be healthy and inshape for my kiddos...and of course, my sexy husband ;)

He says I look great but really, I want to feel better about myself and I am SURE he misses the old 145 lb me!

So guess what, for sure PROTECTING until December or long as I lose the weight that is!!! Then, we will try for baby #2!!!!!!!!!!(and yes, we want them that close)

Strong Moms=Strong Babies :)

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