Monday, July 25, 2011

House Hunting

It's officially began!!! And we are hitting it FULL swing! There are areas we have decided to not even look just because we have our preference of where we like to live because of location, amount of people, area, and whether it has country or back roads ;) Our favorites would be Hughson and Denair. I LOVE Oakdale but hubby isn't too fond but we are still looking there and have actually found some ADORABLE houses to offer on...Thanks babe ;) We REALLY like Turlock as well and are actually looking at 4 there today! I am so excited to finally  get in our OWN place and make it our home and do whatever we desire to do to it! I am blessed to have such a handy man so if we do want to customize it, he can do PAINTING, cabinet refinishing, cement/concrete work over any tile or flooring on counter tops, floors and even showers!! Yay!!!!!!! Please pray for us! Last time we tried this, about 2.5 years ago, we put in 30 offers, let me repeat, 30 offers!!!! and obviously, didn't get one. Those DARN investors :) (No but really, if I was THEM, i'd be doing the same thing!) GREAT INVESTMENT!! Too bad we don't have the money to pay cash for a house! We will be in our rental 2 years in September! It has been a wonderful little house for us but we will soon be OUTGROWING it!!! Our stuff is overflowing since Tynlee has joined our family :) It's a GOOD thing though!! It will be so bitter sweet leaving, we brought our beautiful girl home here and have so many memories here :(

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