Monday, July 25, 2011


I've always wanted to be a mom. Believe it or not, I carried a DOLL around till I was 12 years old. I liked the REAL stuff!!! As in, the REAL carseat, the REAL stroller, REAL baby clothes and I even stuck REAL baby food down the back of my dolls throat...sick right? She started to stink after a while :/

But in reality, being a Mom is even better than I imagined it would be. This love I had for my dolls doesn't even compare, I mean DUH but really, I was always a little mommy. I dreamed about it EVERY single day! My doll was my FAVORITE toy! I would even put her down for naps with nursery lullabies on. The best Christmas EVER was receiving the REAL baby stuff!

I think I always wanted to be a mom because I had the BEST example of a mom anyone could ask for. My beautiful mom was a stay at home mom. She raised us right. She never failed to show us love & affection. I NEVER questioned her love for us! She always took the time to cuddle me and tell me she loved me. I knew being a mom was what I wanted to be! 

I am not the type or woman who wants a career. A career in mommy hood and being a wife is PERFECT for me! The best job I could ever dream of! I understand mommys who have to work and I feel bad for them if they truly want to be home with their sweetie. :(

Things I love about motherhood:

-Waking up to a VERY happy baby girl
-kissing her slobbery lips over and over again ;)
-blowing bubbles on her chest and hearing that sweet giggle
-watching her explore her hands and suck on her chubby thumbs
-listening to her sing herself to sleep
-the look she has when daddy comes home from work..PRICELESS!
-the happiness when she goes poopy! It's only every couple days!
-How she's the BIGGEST cuddle bug!
-she's discovered her voice!
-bathtime, she kicks and smiles the WHOLE time!
-playing dress up!
-her adorable TINY feet...still size 0 :) almost a 1 though!!
-her dinner rolls all up and down her arms
-those saggy adorable chubby cheeks that I kiss and kiss!
-the brown patch of hair at the bottom of her head ;)
-her dimple on her cheek, same spot as me!
-those most beautiful BLUE eyes in the world!
-her adorable WHITE buns :)
-how she stuffs her head in your arm when she sleeps!
-when she sucks her paci so hard, it falls out
-when she has a "good" dream and smiles in her sleep!

I could go ON and ON!! I am so in love with you Tynlee Anne!! If the Lord only gave us you as an only child, Mommy WOULD be satisfied! I am so thankful for you! Our little miracle!

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