Friday, July 22, 2011

The Simple Things

It's always been said, It's the simple things in life...and really, it is. Being a mom, I am realizing more and more than the simple things, the simple moments are the BEST.

-Bath time, so special watching my little girl smile practically the WHOLE time!
-My husband waking me up to kiss US goodbye in the morning
-Stephen vaccumes EVERY night for me!
-Spending family time on the couch together cuddling watching tv/movie
-Watching Stephen and Tynlee together
-Taking an evening walk as a family
-Driving to church together
-When my husband makes my cup of coffee JUST right ;)
-Freshly cleaned sheets
-When Stephen remembers to hang up his towel :)
-When all the laundry baskets are EMPTY
-When I've recorded my favorite shows and don't have to watch the commercials!!!
-Favorite song comes on the radio
-Daily bible reading
-Blowing on Tynlee's tummy to hear her giggle
-When I've had the time or should I say, willingness to have blow dried and straightened hair!
-Fresh cut lawn

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