Friday, August 19, 2011

6 Months Old

Happy 1/2 Birthday,
Tynlee Anne :)


How has it already been 6 months since you were brought into our lives and we were changed forever???

It feels like you've always been here but it's crazy how fast time has actually flown. 

You are half a year old. 

I can't believe that! Let me tell you, these have been the most amazing 6 months of my entire life. Things started out kinda scary and rough but our dear & gracious Lord brought us through our trials. You have been pure joy to us. I can't describe to you how much I've always wanted you. I waited for you for so long. And you my dear, were SO worth the wait. You are EVERYTHING I could have imagined in a child. Your my DREAM COME TRUE Tynlee Anne
I prayed and prayed for you.

Every night before I lay you down to sleep, I pray in your ear. I pray for your health, protection, even your future husband and most importantly, your salvation. EVERY single night.

I hold you and sometimes tears flow down my face because I ask myself how I got so blessed with you? You are perfect to me. I love you more than you'll ever know.

It makes me think about how the Lord loves us, His children, and it's just a glimpse of that! I am reminded you are His, He is just letting me have you for a little while. I am so thankful for that though. You have blessed our life so much. Brought us nothing but MORE love and MORE happiness.

I have loved watching you grow from a tiny little 5 pounder to a whopping 16 pounds

Watching you change everyday has amazed me.

You have mastered rolling over both ways. I can barely change your diaper anymore. You play on your tummy WAY more than you play on your back. You aren't really into your swing anymore :( It's been replaced by the jumperoo(even though your feet still don't hit the floor, you enjoy playing in it). You can wiggle out of your bumbo so I definitely keep an eye on you! You don't sleep on your back EVER, unless you are in your carseat. If I lay you on your back in bed, you flip over to your tummy immediately and did I mention, usually FACE DOWN. Which of course, scares mommy!

You don't sit up alone yet but we try! Your so close though!! You scoot a lot....Move from one end of the bed or the floor to the other...mostly backwards ;)
You love to play with your hands and feet...they always go in your mouth!
You have began to twirl my hair when you eat, ah, it's precious!
You still LOVE bathtime!!!!!!
Your still not sleeping through the night, but that's okay, we are working on it!


You're my life's one miracle,
Everything I've done that's good. 
And you break my heart with tenderness
And I confess it's true
I never knew a love like this 'til you

You're the reason I was born
Now I finally know for sure
And I'm overwhelmed with happiness
So blessed to hold you close
The one that I love most
Though the future has so much for you in store
Who could ever love you more?

The nearest thing to heaven
You're my angel from above
Only God creates such perfect love

When you smile at me I cry
And to save your life I'd die
With a romance that is pure in heart
You are my dearest part
Whatever it requires
I live for your desires
Forget my own, your needs will come before
Who could ever love you more?

There is nothing you could ever do
To make me stop loving you
And every breath I take
Is always for your sake
You sleep inside my dreams
And know for sure
Who could ever love you more?


  1. Happy half birthday, Miss Tynlee. We love you and you are such a blessing to everyone!