Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Weeks Favorites

We left Friday  morning at 5am for southern California. Wow, was that a long drive or what? We actually went to Riverside which took us about 6 hours...and as much as my hubby likes to blame the two stops on Tynlee, lol, it was actually cause he had to potty...I have become the MASTER at nursing her in the car(of course, she's in her seat STRAPPED in, silly!!) We went down south for our church association meeting which was WONDERFUL by the way. Man, we have some AMAZING pastors/preachers in our work! They can REALLY preach the word so powerfully! We stayed in a hotel on Friday night then stayed at my sister in law Stephenie's on Saturday night. It was nice visiting with her. She is very very VERY special to me. Her youngest, Abigail, was SO sweet with Tynlee. She kept saying "Baby!" and pointing to Tynlee. She was so cute trying to stick the passy in Tynlee's mouth. They will have fun when Tynlee gets a little older! They look so much alike too! Both BEAUTIFUL, of course ;) 
Stephenie and Nick only live about an hour or less to the Palmdale church where Stephen preached on Sunday. I love going there! Stephen was a member there for a while when he moved down south 5 years ago. It's so nice going there and seeing everyone. They all love my wonderful hubby. We ate lunch after church at Famous Daves! Can you say, YUM!!! We both got Brisket!! If you haven't tried it, you need to! It's the MOST tender, yummy meat ever. I think ;)
We got home around 6:30 last night. We had a  great time!! I already finished all the laundry! Go me! Except, I haven't folded it yet..haha..

Now we are off to say "See ya soon" to my sweet sister in law Bryana and my lovely nieces, Payslie & Felicity! This is going to be sooo hard!!! They are moving back to Kentucky and leave tomorrow. My brother went too of course, but he left last week to drive there. Thank God he made it safely!

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  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog {through Kelly's Korner}. Your daughter is such a cutie!! I love that playmat/blanket you have. Is it handmade or did you buy it?