Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Anniversary Weekend

So our anniversary was Monday, the 8th......and guess what we did??? Absolutely nothing...besides eat PB&J's at night and watch our wedding video together..We didn't even sleep in the same bed.... :( You know why???


Well, I actually just had a tummy ache all day....Tynlee was fine...but poor Stephen, sick as a dog!!!!

Our weekend started on Friday night, going to my in-laws for Taco Night!! Yummy!!! And playing some "Spaz Ball"(a form of volleyball). Then Saturday going to our sweet little cousin, Lily's 1st Birthday Party in Modesto. Boy was she adorable!?!?! :) She got sooo many adorable & fun things!

We then met my parents and some family from out of state at the Elephant Bar then headed over to my grandma's for dessert and more visiting! It was GREAT to see our family!! :)

Sunday was church day :) Yay!!! We felt great all day. Went to my in-laws for a delicious roast lunch then played some MORE "Spaz Ball" and swam!! It was sure hot Sunday!!

I got a text around 11pm from my sister in-law who had just been visiting us with her family from Southern Cali....she said Garrett and Jake are throwing up...WONDERFUL, I thought :(
They were the first to get the epidemic. 

We aren't quite sure who started it but someone at the party must of had it.

We went to bed after that and around 1am, my poor husband was SICK :(

He ended up sleeping on the couch and Tynlee and I stayed far away in the bedroom cuz
I really did want my 5 1/2 month old getting the stomach flu. 
If you know what I mean.

Stephen and I are generally very HEALTHY people. I have only got the stomach flu like twice my entire life and another time, I had food poisoning(which was HORRID by the way)!!!

The next morning I found out Vince(Lily's dad) also had the flu and so did poor sweet LILY!!! :(

It ended up getting to over 15 people who went to party and our church!!!!

How HORRIBLE is that???


Makes me mad.

I haven't left the house. I feel NORMAL. But just incase my body fought it off and I'm still "contagious",  
I don't want to EXPOSE ANYONE ELSE.
That's what I do. Stay home when my family or ME has been sick.
I don't want ANYONE else getting this stomach bug.

I hate the stomach flu.

More than ANYTHING.

Word to the wise: Stay home if your sick.....not trying to be mean but seriously, it just turns into a vicious cycle....

So with all that being said, we are going to Monterey on 3 :)  
Together as a family to celebrate our 3 years of wedded bliss!!!

Can't wait!!!


  1. Happy anniversary!!

    Sorry to hear about you all being sick! ugh.. not fun!!

    Its so nice following someone that lives near me!! lol! I know all the little city's/towns you are naming-haha. I follow so many people outside CA so I never know any of the towns the name, so its nice to actually know the towns your naming. Have a blast in Monterey!