Friday, September 23, 2011

Disneyland Trip

We left for Disneyland Monday around 3pm. We had a wonderful time carpooling with my parents and had very enjoyable conversations both there and back :) We got to Disneyland around 9pm and settled in our room at the Disneyland Hotel in the Frontier Tower. We had a great view of the pool! We were amazed when we turned on our lights in the room, the headboard lit up and sang "When you wish upon a star"...ADORABLE!!! and soooo magical! 

We woke up the next morning and ate breakfast at this yummy Jazz Kitchen and then made our way to the monorail to enter the park! Disneyland was all decorated in Fall and Halloween stuff. It looked awesome! The first ride we rode was Matterhorn. Mom & Dad were so kind to watch Tynlee while Stephen and I rode rides and acted like kids again. I forgot how "jerky" that ride was! haha...but we sure did laugh!!! We rode a lot of the kiddies rides and Tynlee enjoyed all the colors, the lights, and the singing. She wasn't scared at all of anything. She even went on the Haunted Mansion and could seriously care less and I'm sitting over there covering my eyes! I love their innocence, not knowing what's good or bad yet ;)

Her favorite I think, was It's a Small World. She would arch her back to look at things on the ceiling. It was so cute. She was looking left and right so fast!!! Stephen and I were able to go on Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Matterhorn, Space Mountain(3 times), Soarin' Over California(AMAZING!!!) Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones(2), & Tower of Terror while Mom & Dad watched Tynlee. They were a HUGE help and even offered to take her to the room several times.

Tynlee was an absolute angel the entire trip! Even the 6 hour drive there and back. She BARELY cried. She was a little trooper taking naps in her stroller without a fuss. I would feed her on the go and she would get back in her seat and enjoyed every minute of being outside and "people watching". She was sure a hit too! People even stopped to take pictures of our little princess! Even Mary Poppins stopped while walking and talked with Tynlee for a while. Tynlee grabbed her hand and smiled so big! She loved seeing all the characters. Of course, she always went right for their faces ;) I am so thankful for my flexible baby! We were in the park 11 hours both Tuesday and Wednesday and she was a DOLL CAKE!!

We tried to get her Minnie ears but they were all way too big! We ended up buying her a Minnie doll, which she loves by the way especially chewing on her ears ;) 

We all in all had a great trip! and ate VERY yummy food and rode tons of GREAT rides :) Disneyland is such a clean and tidy place! It truly is the "Happiest Place on Earth"!!! 

Stephen celebrated his 27th Birthday in Disneyland!! He is truly the most amazing man I've ever met!

Can't wait to go back again!
(Probably won't be till the kids are older!)

Monday, September 19, 2011

7 Months Old

Our sweet pumpkin pie turned 7 months old today! Each month is going by faster than the month before! She is becoming quite the little mover! Still gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth, then plops forward on her belly, Hey, she gets where she wants to go!'s hilarious! 

Watching her grow is the most amazing and fun thing! As much as I want her to stay little, watching her change and do new things is so great! She has began to wave at people. We have REALLY been working on it! She does it every once in a while! And I always catch her just waving at herself, starring at her's the CUTEST thing ever!!

She LOVES to pull my hair and pinch and scratch our faces. Especially when she is tired, she has to be touching your face. I have tons of scratches!

She still doesn't sit up on her own, but she is getting better. She still LOVES her paci for bedtime and naps. We started a solids every night for dinner after I nurse her. I only have done veggies so far like green beans, peas, squash and sweet potatoes. She seems to like them all but the PEAS. Which is FINE, cuz Stephen and I both highly dislike peas!

She is trying to say "DaDa and MaMa". She says them both but not on command. :)

No teeth yet...which is wonderful ;)

She is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes.
Her favorite thing to do is play on the ground with her toys and of course, bathtime when she kicks her legs the whole time!
She is beyond ticklish on her thighs and under her arm pit and neck ;)
Changing her diaper is a huge task now or changing her clothes, she justs wants to roll over! But it's okay, I understand! I probably did the same thing ;)
We just CAN'T get enough of our precious baby! 
I kiss on her cheeks seriously, SOOO much!!! 
I've never seen a baby smile so much! Tynlee smiles and loves everyone! SHe is so friendly! I love that about her ;) 
She is so happy!

She weighs 17 lbs 2 oz. according to the home scale!!!

We LOVE you Sweet T :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Weekend

Our weekend was a good one! Friday, we had Tynlee's 6 month pictures taken, which was not so good, she cried most of the time. Then we headed to my brother and sister in-laws house for his surprise 29th birthday PARTY. It was fun! Saturday, we woke up early and tried to beat the heat at my nephew's football games. They were adorable playing football!! I just loved watching them! They are growing up to be such handsome boys! and Tynlee just LOVES them :) 

We then came home and had my inlaws over for dinner. Stephen made shrimp cocktail, which was amazing, and I made pork tacos. It was a yummy meal. 

We all sat down for the main event, the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game!


Sunday, Stephen preached at a Tracy church then we went to our services in the evening. When we got home, I balled my eyes out watching all the September 11th stuff. I was in 7th grade when that happened. It is much more real now that I'm older and understand what the Twin Towers are and everything.

We also had a HUGE scare a couple of days ago. My sister in law's brother is a marine fighting in Aftganistan. He stepped on an IED, that didn't fully explode. But he broke his leg and shattered some other things in his other leg. But all in all, in good spirits and happy the Lord was protecting him that day!
Isn't that amazing? 
He is now on US soil! Praise God!! And in the arms of many family members! 
We Love You Brandon!!!

Praise God for these brave men and woman who fight for our country!! God bless the USA :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

He Leads Us

This song has been on my heart and mind this week... Praying God leads us where He wants us 
and shows us what His will for us is....
God is so wonderful about drawing us closer to Him. 
I really feel that at this point in my life, I am as close to God as I've ever been. It's a great feeling. I want Him to take my life(our life) and mold us and be our potter and let us be used by Him and for HIS glory.
I know God has a BEAUTIFUL and perfect plan for us.
I just pray we will follow Him wherever He has us to go and do.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

6 Month Check Up

My baby is a growing weed! 

16 lbs 7.5 oz.
25 3/4 inches
Head size: 17"
She is the 50th percentile in all :)
She is doing GREAT.
She got two shots yesterday.
And she was a TROOPER.
No one would have known she got shots. 
She was a happy girl, as always.

Doctor was impressed that she's almost crawling.

We decided to have her try some green beans last night for the 2nd time. She seemed interested but only ate about 6 spoon fulls.

 She is now sleeping from 9pm till 2:30am, nurse her, then sleeps till 9am.
We have got her on a pretty good schedule now and it seems to be working good for her ;)
She is at the funnest age! 
She loves to grab her cute chubby feet and put them in her mouth. 
No teeth yet :) 
And mommy is DEFINITELY okay with that!
She gets on all fours and rocks back and forth, it's adorable.
She learned how to jump in her jumperoo! and absolutely LOVES it.

All in all, Tynlee is a healthy girl. 
I'm so proud to be her mommy!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Already about to crawl!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that's right. 
Tynlee is just about there. 
She doesn't even sit up yet but she wants to crawl. 
My inlaws and Stephen were cracking up last night because she gets on all fours, and plops forward like a belly flop. 
She scoots all over the place, mostly backwards lol
She is so close to crawling. 
Stephen thinks she will be crawling by his birthday, which is the 22nd of this month
and we will be in Disneyland. 
Oh boy! 
I am going to cry. 
Cry because she is my little tiny baby! 
She isn't supposed to be crawling yet!
I want her to stay TINY. 
She is growing too fast!!!

Bring on the Fall time...mostly the weather ;)

I am so ready for Fall time. 

I LOVE it! 

It's my favorite time of year. 

I love Thanksgiving time, it's wonderful.

I can't wait to see this:

Bake this:

And drink this: 

And eat this:

to wear these:

Come quickly...Autumn :)