Wednesday, September 7, 2011

6 Month Check Up

My baby is a growing weed! 

16 lbs 7.5 oz.
25 3/4 inches
Head size: 17"
She is the 50th percentile in all :)
She is doing GREAT.
She got two shots yesterday.
And she was a TROOPER.
No one would have known she got shots. 
She was a happy girl, as always.

Doctor was impressed that she's almost crawling.

We decided to have her try some green beans last night for the 2nd time. She seemed interested but only ate about 6 spoon fulls.

 She is now sleeping from 9pm till 2:30am, nurse her, then sleeps till 9am.
We have got her on a pretty good schedule now and it seems to be working good for her ;)
She is at the funnest age! 
She loves to grab her cute chubby feet and put them in her mouth. 
No teeth yet :) 
And mommy is DEFINITELY okay with that!
She gets on all fours and rocks back and forth, it's adorable.
She learned how to jump in her jumperoo! and absolutely LOVES it.

All in all, Tynlee is a healthy girl. 
I'm so proud to be her mommy!!!

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  1. Wow I cannot believe she is almost crawling!! She looks so cute in her little crawl mode, she's so tiny! My Savannah who is almost 7 months is not even thinking about crawling! I hope she does soon, because I think she will be a lot happier on the move! Glad to hear the shots went so good, I'm dreading Savannah's in about 2 weeks! :(