Monday, September 19, 2011

7 Months Old

Our sweet pumpkin pie turned 7 months old today! Each month is going by faster than the month before! She is becoming quite the little mover! Still gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth, then plops forward on her belly, Hey, she gets where she wants to go!'s hilarious! 

Watching her grow is the most amazing and fun thing! As much as I want her to stay little, watching her change and do new things is so great! She has began to wave at people. We have REALLY been working on it! She does it every once in a while! And I always catch her just waving at herself, starring at her's the CUTEST thing ever!!

She LOVES to pull my hair and pinch and scratch our faces. Especially when she is tired, she has to be touching your face. I have tons of scratches!

She still doesn't sit up on her own, but she is getting better. She still LOVES her paci for bedtime and naps. We started a solids every night for dinner after I nurse her. I only have done veggies so far like green beans, peas, squash and sweet potatoes. She seems to like them all but the PEAS. Which is FINE, cuz Stephen and I both highly dislike peas!

She is trying to say "DaDa and MaMa". She says them both but not on command. :)

No teeth yet...which is wonderful ;)

She is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes.
Her favorite thing to do is play on the ground with her toys and of course, bathtime when she kicks her legs the whole time!
She is beyond ticklish on her thighs and under her arm pit and neck ;)
Changing her diaper is a huge task now or changing her clothes, she justs wants to roll over! But it's okay, I understand! I probably did the same thing ;)
We just CAN'T get enough of our precious baby! 
I kiss on her cheeks seriously, SOOO much!!! 
I've never seen a baby smile so much! Tynlee smiles and loves everyone! SHe is so friendly! I love that about her ;) 
She is so happy!

She weighs 17 lbs 2 oz. according to the home scale!!!

We LOVE you Sweet T :)


  1. Didn't you just write her 6 month post? Where does time go?

  2. Aw she is so adorable!!!