Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Weekend

Our weekend was a good one! Friday, we had Tynlee's 6 month pictures taken, which was not so good, she cried most of the time. Then we headed to my brother and sister in-laws house for his surprise 29th birthday PARTY. It was fun! Saturday, we woke up early and tried to beat the heat at my nephew's football games. They were adorable playing football!! I just loved watching them! They are growing up to be such handsome boys! and Tynlee just LOVES them :) 

We then came home and had my inlaws over for dinner. Stephen made shrimp cocktail, which was amazing, and I made pork tacos. It was a yummy meal. 

We all sat down for the main event, the Michigan vs. Notre Dame game!


Sunday, Stephen preached at a Tracy church then we went to our services in the evening. When we got home, I balled my eyes out watching all the September 11th stuff. I was in 7th grade when that happened. It is much more real now that I'm older and understand what the Twin Towers are and everything.

We also had a HUGE scare a couple of days ago. My sister in law's brother is a marine fighting in Aftganistan. He stepped on an IED, that didn't fully explode. But he broke his leg and shattered some other things in his other leg. But all in all, in good spirits and happy the Lord was protecting him that day!
Isn't that amazing? 
He is now on US soil! Praise God!! And in the arms of many family members! 
We Love You Brandon!!!

Praise God for these brave men and woman who fight for our country!! God bless the USA :)


  1. Wow! Thank god he is alive & well!!!!! Praying for him! Glad you guys had a good weekend!

  2. Jess, the pic of Tynlee doing a high kick made me laugh so much!! It is so adorable :)