Thursday, October 20, 2011

8 Months Old

Only 4 months away from a year!!!! 
And no, I haven't started her party planning yet :)

These have been the best 8 months of my life, adapting to motherhood. I never knew I could have SO much love. My heart overflows!

Tynlee is pure joy. Two weeks ago, she got her first tooth. My mother in-law found it during church and I about cried. I wasn't expecting it. But it explains the bad naps and hard nights we were having. I am by no means complaining. I know those teeth coming in have got to hurt. So glad we don't remember :)

She has quite the personality. When you take something away from her, she gets pretty upset and gives you the "puppy dog" lip that I can't resist.

She says "Mamaaaaaaaa" whens he cries ;) I love it!!!
Still not sleeping through the night.
She eats veggies once a day, usually in the evening before bath.
She also loves puffs, all flavors.
She sits up all the time by herself.
She loves to crawl, and take a break sitting down. It's so CUTE!
She loves to play on floor, crawling everywhere! She loves to tap her hands on the hard wood, it's adorable!
She likes being in her jumperoo!! And could bounce for HOURS!

She crawls over our legs and it pulling herself up on you.
She is definitely not afraid, she has fallen several times and gets up and tries again.
She loves to sing herself to sleep, which melts my heart!!!
Her blonde hair is growing. She wakes up with some bedhead :)

Everyday she changes...everyday she grows...
We love her more than words can describe and we are SO blessed God gave us her!

She is 26 inches and 18 lbs :)