Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Day Spent At Home!

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted! We have been so busy!! There are lots of wonderful things to update you with! 

Love this cuddly and cool weather by the way!!!!

First, Tynlee is officially on the move!! She can "crawl" pretty fast now and definitely likes to explore everything! She loves to crawl to the coffee table and try to get inside of it! I really have to pay close attention because she is fast! When I hold her while we are eating, she will try to grab by fork or even my food off the plate! My favorite is when I take a drink and she opens her mouth like she's going to get one too! I love it! :) She also can sit up real good now. She definitely still falls over but she does really good with it! She has grown up so much the past 2 weeks since we've been home from Disneyland! She does so much "big girl" stuff now. She still LOVES her veggies in the evening! 

We also got wonderful news! We got our offer accepted in the town we've always LOVED, Oakdale! It's a small, adorable town that we can't wait to be a part of!! It's 4 bedroom, so plenty of room more more ;)  
We are very excited the Lord opened this door and we hope to be in it by Thanksgiving!


This past weekend, Stephen preached at the Oakdale church, where our new home is actually :) We had the best time visiting and getting to know the brethren there. I have to say, my husband did a great job with the preaching! We really hope they have us back! We really loved that church.

Life is good and GOD IS GOOD!!! We are happy about starting the new week!! Yard sale this weekend! Woo hoo! :)




  1. I have been wanting to ask you for the last few days when you were going t post...I've missed it, but I knew you were busy! I love that collage, what a big girl!! She's so precious! Congratulations about the house, we're really excited for your little family, what a blessing, and four bedrooms, wow, that's so great! I hope we can hang out soon!

  2. Congratulations about being homeowners! Sounds like a fabulous space for your family!!!