Monday, October 31, 2011

Mondays HOT Topic (1)

I decided since I am going to start planning my second baby birth experience (that I hope goes the way I want this time) that I would talk about a topic that I feel is either a part of my pregnancy, birth, nursing, etc.

Some ideas I have are:

-Bradley Method
-VBAC(vaginal birth after csection)
-Nursing while pregnant
-Supplements I take for a healthy pregnancy and baby(Tynlee)
-Brewers' Diet (for high blood pressure)

Todays HOT Topic: Nursing while pregnant
We knew from the start, we wanted our children close. And after it took us almost 2 years to get pregnant and STAY pregnant with Tynlee, we weren't sure we would get our children close. But boy we were wrong! The first month we tried, a baby was in the making :) and Praise God for that!!! Having a baby must have made us fertile myrtles!!! And that's a GREAT thing! I had(have) intentions of nursing Tynlee for AT LEAST a year and hopefully longer if she wants just because I know nursing is the best thing I can do for her health and immune system. I was really nervous when I got pregnant cause I thought my milk would dry up, nipples(TMI!!) might be too sore, or she wouldn't be interested cause I heard the increase in MORE hormones(even though my body is already on overdrive with them while nursing) that it could change the taste and baby might reject. Well Tynlee is STILL nursing! Thank the Lord! I was so nervous going through cold and flu season not being able to nurse her. I am taking supplements to support her and my immune system that I know she could use through my milk. I am so thankful she is still nursing just as much as before. I hope to nurse her till she is at least 1 and then maybe until the baby comes as well which is in June. I know now I have to be eating super healthy. I was doing good actually while breast feeding cause everything I ate went to her, but now, I have doubled my protein and fluid intake so that I can be sure my body is staying healthy and strong cause it's worker VERY hard to grow our new baby, feed Tynlee and continue to help my body function. Basically, I am a huge HORMONE right now. But I think I am handling it pretty well and I am so blessed to be able to nurse while pregnant. I hope it stays this way!!!!

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