Monday, October 17, 2011

Taking a "natural" approach

Being a mommy now, I think about things I never in my life thought vaccinations(which I am not against all, by the way). I have gotten Tynlee most of her vaccinations just spread them out, where she only gets one shot per visit and at least a month apart. I think God gave us medicine and for the most part, it's a good thing. But I know for a fact, doctors HAVE to tell us to get them. They can be liable. And they definitely get paid more for each vaccination. 

(from ABC news)

My husband or I have never had the flu shot in our lives, by the way.
Don't get me wrong, the flu scares me, and I definitely don't want my baby getting it but from what I've read, the shot isn't a risk I want to take being that it's not that effective and most people who get the shot, get sick anyways.

True facts: 
FLU SHOT does not protect against the stomach flu being as the stomach flu is not really a flu but a virus.
The flu shot 70%-90% effective(remember, only if they GUESSED right!)
You can still get the flu even if you get the vaccine.
It only protects you from 3 strains of the influenza and that's ONLY if they have the correct strains in the vaccine, which they completely guess that.
This flu shot is the same shot as last years.
20,000 people don't die a year of the flu in the US, it's only about 1,000 and 900 of those are the elderly.
If you get the flu shot 8 or more times in the last 10 years, you have an 80% chance of getting Alzheimers.

As a mommy, I feel it is our duty to protect our child. We shouldn't fully put our trust in these doctors. Yes, they went to school for years and we didn't. But they are required by the government to require recommend the flu shot. I feel, we should do more than just trust our doctors.  
Research things for ourselves, PROS and CONS of BOTH sides. 
If you don't, I am sorry but I think you should. If toxic chemicals are going into our babies, we should become educated, especially in the flu shot, the mercury is flat out scary. Learning the side effects and if it's a risk we want to take.

This post isn't about all vaccines. It's about the flu shot.

The H1N1 vaccine is SO new. I mean, it hasn't even been out long enough to have been studied or long enough to see it's full effects on us let alone our healthy children.

My family of three is taking an approach I feel MUCH more comfortable with.

Clinical trials on patients displaying full-blown flu symptoms took place in Israel in the middle of a flu epidemic in 1992-93. Half were given the Sambucol black elderberry extract and half a placebo. Within 48 hours 75% of patients who had been given Sambucol had clearly improved and within 72 hours 90% were symptom-free. Only 16% of patients on placebos had shown any improvement after two days, and the rest took at least six days to recover.
Protects you from 8 strains of flu!! That's 5 more than the shot!
I bought it from the health food store. Stephen and I take 2 teaspoons daily. and Tynlee gets it through my milk. If we did end up sick, we would take more Elderberry. but for healthy people, its just 2 tsps a day.  
 Safe while pregnant and breastfeeding too!!
Very good for immune system, digestion, urinary tract, heart, etc.
I got in the refrigerated section at health store, kinda pricey, but I will take a pill a day. I got the kind good for woman only. It's great for overall health.
 I got Tynlee Vitamin D drops as well as her own probiotics for babies to sprinkle a little each day on her baby food.
I feel confident in my decision to take the natural approach. I'm not saying we won't get the flu. But I feel this is the best decision for our family. And being as I've researched it all and pros & cons, I am confident in my decision.
I encourage all mommy's to GET EDUCATED in what goes into our babies' bodies!

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  1. i agree 100%! i actually am refusing any more vaccines due to a slight reaction to her 4 month shots, and i feel really good about it. each child handles them differently.