Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Update

We had a wonderful weekend ALL together as a family!

Saturday we woke up "early" to watch the Michigan vs. Michigan State game...We LOST. :(
Tynlee and I left to go to my friend Madison's baby shower!! 
She is due to have little Tate in November!!

In the afternoon, we went to Resendez Fruit Barn, they have lots of things to do during Harvest. It was PACKED! So we didn't get to take any pictures in the pumpkins! but they have a hay maze, pony rides, a huge fish pond, petting zoo, and lots of yummy fruits, veggies and snacks! It was super hot so we didn't stay long! But it's only 4 miles away from our house so we will definitely be going back!!!

Saturday night was spent over at a member of the Oakdale church's home in Riverbank, right on the river. Beautiful home! And GREAT fellowship with lots of young families! We were invited by a new friend, Melissa, who has a little boy Bode, who is 4 days younger than Tynlee! He is already walking around the coffee table!! Wow!! :) He is so cute!!! We really enjoyed our wonderful dinner, roasting marshmallows, and chatting! The Oakdale church is VERY dear to our heart!

Sunday was a great day in the Lord's house, even though we missed my inlaws being down south, we had great services! After church, honey took me to Johnny Carinos(my favorite!!) We hadn't been there in forever! We came home and napped then went back for evening services. After church, we were able to go spend time with my parents, mom had to leave for work(night post partum nurse) but we stayed and visited with dad, ate some veggie soup and watched UFC.

Oh and by the way, TYNLEE HAS HER FIRST TOOTH!!! 
My mother in law found it last week during church, and I about cried!!! You can see the white and (definitely) feel it...she isn't a "biter" while nursing at least not yet, so that's good!!!!

It was a wonderful weekend!! :)

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