Monday, November 21, 2011

9 Months Old

9 months old means only 3 more months till we have a 1 year old!!!  
Oh my goodness!!! 
Our baby is growing like a weed. Like I say every month, she brings us PURE joy!

She is sleeping in her crib from around 8:30pm to 4:30am, wakes up for a feeding then goes back down until 6:30am when daddy brings her into bed with me and we sleep till around 8 or so. 
She is still nursing and eating baby food usually twice a day.
She is beginning to be a very fast crawler when she wants to get to something.
Trying to pull up on everything.
And EVERYTHING goes in her mouth.
She just has two bottom teeth.
(which she has learned to bite me! OUCH!)
She wears mostly 9 month clothes.
She says "dada" and "mama"
but doesn't know it's "us" yet!
She is soooo playful and oh so ticklish!
She waves when you wave to her.
And claps when she hears music as well as trys to dance!
She likes to put her fingers on her lips and make noise and move her fingers up and down.
I weighed her at home and she weighs 20.2 lbs!!!!!!!
I love Tynlee Anne more than anything!!!!!!!