Friday, November 11, 2011

Trip to Tahoe

11.11.11= COOL :)
 We had a blast in Tahoe this week! We had a SUPER busy Sunday! We left bright and (early) for Tulare cause Stephen was preaching there in the afternoon. We enjoyed our time there and left for home about 3pm. Before leaving for Tahoe, we needed to come by home first and get all our things and I wanted to bathe Tynlee and put her in her jammies for the 3.5 hour treck to Truckee. We ended up leaving Modesto around 7pm which put us at our hotel or should I say resort around 10:15pm. We stayed there Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night, came home for church Wednesday afternoon. It was a VERY relaxing couple of days. We went there in the first place because my husband got a job there for the concrete business and my brother in-law(Stephen's boss) was going to help Stephen which meant my sister's family stayed with us in the hotel!! We had a 3 bedroom 3 bath suite with a balcony overlooking the mountains "full of snow", a huge kitchen, fire place, TV in every room, KING bed(which we aren't used to), BIG huge bath tub, washer and dryer, etc. It was by far, the nicest place we ever stayed. It was called Northstar at Big Horn and it was in a cute little village. We walked out of our hotel and walked through a quaint little "village" to STARBUCKS, toy store, snowboard shop, and so much  more. They also have an ice skating rink, pizza place, sushi bar, Mexican restaurant and a place like Color Me Mine. It reminded us of those glass little villages you buy from Michael's for Christmas. It was magical and soooo cute! We LOVED it!!!

The boys only had to work a few hours a day so we got to spend a lot of time with them. I stayed in most of the time with Tynlee since she was fighting a cold. Plus I had lots of "all day sickness" so I needed to stay low and eat a snack which seemed like every hour in order for me to feel good :/.

Tynlee had a great time playing with her 3 boy cousins and me and my sister had a great time catching up. The boys were SO sweet with Tynlee, I loved watching them play together!

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  1. she has such long lashes! lucky girl :)
    I don't think I commented..but congrats on baby #2!