Friday, November 4, 2011

Tynlee's 1st Halloween

Well I finally am posting about Halloween!  

We had a wonderful night. My sister invited us and some other family over to eat(Mexican stew...yummoo!) and go trick or treating. We had a great time watching all the kiddos get so excited over candy. As a kid, I never went trick or treating. We always went to our school carnival on Halloween plus if you knew were I grew up, in the boondocks, there isn't really anywhere to trick or treat! LOL. but Tynlee loved walking around with daddy, he held her the whole time and I snapped LOTS of pictures ;) duh!! 


Tynlee was a Michigan cheerleader! And I have to tell you about this uniform. Regular $54 and I got it on Ebay(LOVE!!) for 99 cents!!! It's seriously a REAL uniform with exact same material as my high school one. It's adorable! As you know, Michigan is Stephen's favorite EVER football team, so daddy LOVED it! And we thought it was cute and no one else would be dressed like our little cheerleader! Plus, she can wear it again!!

We aren't big "fans" of Halloween but it gives us another excuse to hang out with family then we are all in it! 
Now let's get to the REAL holidays!!! 

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