Friday, March 30, 2012

27 weeks pregnant

Welp, it's the last week of my 2nd trimester...Not too much longer now!!

I got hooked up to a contraction home monitoring machine on Wednesday. Basically, I have to wear the monitor two times a day for one hour each. I plug monitor into a modem that sends directly to Alere Home Health which then translates results to my doctor's office. Yesterday, I knew I was contracting. I contract everyday. But the problem is, I don't know if it changes my cervix. So of course, I had more than 6 (not painful, just crampy) contractions in 25 minutes so they sent me BACK to hospital for "observation". Which to me, is pointless! I already knew I was contracting. But they aren't painful so I'm not concerned but doctors are since I'm only 27 weeks.

Some pregnancy stats:

Weeks: 27.1 :)
Cravings: Hmmm...Cadbury eggs!
Symptoms: Nausea comes and goes, contractions(lots!), just started getting back pain, HEARTburn!
Weight gain: 6 lbs
Facts: Belly button has popped out, no "new" stretch marks(yet!), weigh less than I did at this point with Tynlee(THANKFULLY!!!), on pelvic rest(tell me about it, it STINKS!!!!!!!!!), have to take it WAY easy which is so boring for me and Tynlee!

No more breastfeeding has been tough. But mostly on me. She trys to pull my shirt down every once in a while but I can distract her easily. The girl loves milk, so I'm very content in giving it to her. I am happy I was able to nurse her for 13 months. That's a lot better than a lot of women and I am confident, I did good in that sense. I still have milk actually.....I guess it will just be waiting around for Anistyn! It was such a special time, nursing Tynlee. I'm sad that stage in our life is over. officially. (tear!)

She's walking....everywhere....all the time...she falls a lot but she is definitely very interested in walking to her desired location! She's soo adorable. I have yet to make her 1 year appointment...(bad mom) :) Waiting till after flu, she's healthy so there's no need RIGHT now.

FINALLY ordered Anistyn's crib's beautiful!! :)

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