Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gender Reveal Party

Our gender reveal party was a lot of fun! We decided instead of having a huge party, we would keep it simple and small just inviting our parents and grandparents over. We thought they would enjoy sharing in the special moment with us and being the FIRST ones to know! Not finding out at the ultrasound the day before was sooo hard. We barely got to look at the screen and we were in there for over 15 minutes cause the lady was so sweet, getting tons of pictures. We did get to peek at our little girl in 3D and she looked exactly like Tynlee so it got me wondering "Is SHE another SHE??" haha...

I hurried over to my sweet friend Annalisa's house to drop of the results. I made SURE they sealed the envelope with TAPE so I promise promise PROMISE, I didn't peak! I was SO proud of myself!!
My friend Annalisa made the beautiful cake, she did a great job! And she also did a great job and keeping the secret, giving no hint either way!

What a joy the anticipation was! I barely ate our lunch. I could NOT wait to cut into that cake and see if Tynlee was going to have a little brother or little sister. And sure enough, we weren't super surprised, IT WAS DEFINITELY PINK on the inside, without a doubt ;)

Stephen was excited. I thought he may be a little disappointed since he wanted a boy but now that's it's all set in and he knows how much love he has for little girls, he's VERY happy it's another girl.
I am so excited to give Tynlee a friend for life. They will be 16 months apart, or sooner! I can't wait to have her here and watch them grow up together.

It won't be very long now!!
3 MORE months! :)

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  1. aww small family parties are always nice!