Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm back!!!

We are still ALIVE!! Wow. Do I feel like a total BAD blogger!!?? Oh wait, that's because, I am!!! I have been out of the blogging world for 3 months! Never meant for that to happen!! So much has gone on in our lives since I last blogged. I don't even know where to begin!

As I stated in my last BORING blog post with no pictures, we got our house! And we are thrilled! We love our new home! It's 4 bedroom 2 bath and 1400 sq. feet. It's perfect for our growing family! Believe it or not, I'm still not completing unpacked. I better get going on that because our house warming is next month! AH!!

But the reason I haven't blogged, is because our computer didn't get set up till tonight!! I have been using the internet on my Kindle Fire which I can't upload pictures on!! But I have still taken plenty of pictures of our life since I last blogged. But it has killed me not to write and post about everything that's happened.

I feel terrible, as a mother. Because I feel way behind now. Ecspecially posting about this pregnancy. Poor baby. I was on top of things last time. But I promise, promise, promise, I will update and post pictures the rest of my pregnancy.

As for our little miss Tynlee, SHE'S ONE!! We can't believe it!!! She is getting so big SO fast!! She isn't walking YET but she is definitely close, taking a few steps here and there. I will post more about HER in her 1st Birthday blog of course.

I am currently 23.5 weeks pregnant! This is going by way faster than last time. Probably because of the move, the holidays, and chasing around a sweet little one year old! I am actually on modified bedrest because of my blood pressure. They don't want it to get out of hand again and it seems for now, as long as I'm taking it easy or doing the bar minimun(WHICH IS SOOO DIFFICULT!!), my blood pressure stays good! So that's a HUGE plus! I am feeling good...nauseaous here and there but not throwing up(fingers crossed) anymore, which is nice. I have gained a total of 4 pounds so far. and oh, I had the dreaded kidney stones last weekend which was HORRIBLE by the way. But everything else in this pregnancy is going smooth, so far :) Our little GIRL, yes that's right, another BABY GIRL, is so active. I feel her move all the time, even Stephen can feel her. She is most active at night. Tynlee loves to kiss my belly or should I say my belly button when I have my shirt up and I say "baby". I really don't think she has a clue what I'm talking about but it works! And it's adorable so I will act like she knows ;)

I am so excited to give Tynlee a little sister. A sister is the best gift I could ever give her. They will be close in age and hopefully grow up to be best friends but hopefully not boyfriends! :)

We have decided to call our new little one, Anistyn Reese. Stephen picked her middle name and I think it sounds perfect!! We are so excited about her joining our family in 3 short months. I really need to jump on getting her nursery done or should I say STARTED :)

Here's some updated pictures of Tynlee!!

Her silly face that she LOVES to make!!

I guess I will be posting about VERY soon:
-Tynlee's 1st Christmas
-Our New Year's cabin trip
-Our Gender Reveal Party
-Tynlee's 1st Birthday PARTY!!


  1. Awww I wondered where you guys have been!! Tynlee looks like she's gotten so big! And I love the name Anistyn Reese! Hope you're getting lots of rest to keep your pressure down! Congrats on the house too and hope you guys have gotten settled!

  2. Thanks for "missing" us!! :) It was soo hard not to blog. I felt and FEEL so behind! I blogged constantly when I was pregnant with Tynlee so I feel bad for Anistyn! But I will start back up again now and posting pictures of my belly! Thankfully Tynlee is super easy and loves to play and read books so I have been able to keep down as well as my hubby is a HUGE help with house work!! Hope you all are well!! :)