Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pre-term Labor... :(

Tuesday I went to my ultrasound to check my cervical length and to see the dilation etc. It showed that I was 1.6 cm dilated but doctors have been just saying I'm a ONE. I had contractions from the time I woke up and they were pretty consistant so after my ultrasound, I headed across the street to L&D. I thought I was contracting every 3-4 minutes but the screen showed they were literally back to back. I wasn't feeling all of them and it wasn't really a pain, more of a huge pressure in my pelvis. They first started by checking to see if I was dehydrated which definitely wasn't the case, I'm sorry but if you get dehydrated during pregnancy and it causes contractions, shame on you! Unless it's from morning sickness, that's totally different! I had no bladder infection or anything like that, that would be causing them. They then treated me for preterm labor. Anistyn sounded great on the monitor, heart rate ranging from 139-153 the whole time. They started off by giving me some Niphedipine(to stop contractions). It's also a blood pressure medicine so we were killing two birds with one stone cause my blood pressure has been EXCELLENT since i've been on it. My blood pressure has never been this low, it's perfect actually. But anyways back to the story, it didn't work. So they ended up at the next step which was Terbutaline shots. Oh joy! One shot in one arm then 20 minutes later, another shot in the other arm. The anticipation of a shot is horrible but we all know the poking doesn't even hurt at all. Just when the medicine went in, it kinda burned. It made my heart and Anistyn's heart RACE. It was kinda scary cause I felt like I was kinda hyperventilating. Luckily, my sweet husband was there to calm me and my nurse was super sweet in getting me to relax. I just felt soooo weird. I don't do well with medicine, that's why I don't take it unless totally necessary. I was real shakey and just not myself. The contractions then slowed down to about every 3-5 minutes so they felt comfortable sending me home since I didn't change in dilation and I was effacing at all. Which is SO good!

I have been on the Niphedipine(sp?) since Tuesday evening now. And I'm STILL contracting. They are actually getting a little more crampy and intense than Tuesday, which totally scares me. I have stopped nursing, which I'm sooo sad about, because it was Doctors Orders! They aren't sure if that's the cause of not but apparently not, because they are still coming a lot.

I am currently 26 weeks and 3 days. Feeling great other than contractions. I am told to take it WAY easy but not full bedrest, cause it's never been proven to actually stop labor. I feel helpless. My poor Tynlee. I want to play and chase her and take her on walks so bad. I do the best I can by playing on the ground with her in our "Baracaded Living Room". She is such a good girl. Pretty much walking everywhere! She can even get herself up in a walking position without grabbing onto anything. She just started it yesterday. She loves to read books and just cuddle with me and watch "Yo Gabba Gabba".(weirdo show!) lol.

But all in all, I am thankful. Thankful to be carrying another precious little girl in my belly that hopefully I won't be carrying in my arms till June! But God is truly in control...I trust Him! He brought us through last time, I know He will again. It's HIS plan! I just need to trust Him. I appreciate everyone's prayers and everyone's williningness to help. I can't tell you how many people I've heard are praying for me. What a blessing it is to have these people in my life.

All I know, is we will defininitely be waiting till I'm at least 25 for baby #3. (If God sees it fit) If not, we will feel sooo blessed with our 2 girls!

Thank you for those who have prayed for us! We love you all!!!

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